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Waller publishes — thrice

Professor of Economics William T. Waller Jr. recently published an entry on Walton H. Hamilton in the “Biographical Dictionary of American Economists,” published by Continuum Books.

Hamilton (1881-1958) is frequently considered to be one of the leading figures in American institutional economics in the period between the two world wars, with Thorstein Veblen, Wesley Mitchell and John R. Commons. He coined and defined the term “institutional economics” at the annual meeting of the American Economic Association in December 1918.

Waller also published a chapter, “The Pragmatic State” in “Alternative Theories of the State,” edited by Steven Pressman and published by Palgrave MacMillan.

In addition, his chapter, “Thorstein Veblen's Missing Theory of Exchange,” was published in “Thorstein Veblen and the Revival of Free Market Capitalism,” edited by J.T. Knoedler, R.E. Prasch and D.P. Champlin, published Edward Elgar Publishing.

Waller, who joined the faculty in 1982, holds a bachelor's and master's from Western Michigan University and his doctorate from the University of New Mexico.