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The HWS Update

A New Look for HWS.edu

On the Web, things change fast. Remember the days when a “Facebook” came printed on paper and no one used “Google” as a verb? In the blink of an eye the eCommerce boom gave way to Web 2.0 – and the Internet went from being a tool for researchers to a ubiquitous facet of everyday life.

At HWS, we've felt the change too, and our Web site has always been updated to reflect the times. In the coming weeks, we'll unveil something very special – a totally new look for the Colleges' site, one that reflects advances in Web technology, new design capabilities and fundamental changes in our relationship with the Internet.

Keep your eyes peeled to see what’s new!

For an insider look at the work in progress, images of the latest designs, updates from the Communications staff and other resources, visit HWSPilot.com.