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Program Provides Guidance to Local Teens on their Journey to Higher Education

A group of local teens congregated at Warren Hunting Smith Library, but they were not there to make use of the books or to attend a President’s Forum. Instead, they gathered to obtain guidance about one of the most important decisions of their lives: college.

As part of the Colleges’ Geneva Partnership, individuals from HWS are working with local organizations to implement a three-part Life Skills College Program. The Program, offered jointly by the Geneva African American Men’s Association, officials from the Geneva City School District and Assemblyman Brian Kolb of Canandaigua, is an effort to alleviate some of the anxiety caused by the college application process.

About 20 local youth came to campus last week for the first of three planned sessions on the college selection and application process.

Director of Admissions at Hobart and William Smith John Young worked with high school seniors to complete a Common Application. In doing so, students became familiar with the information needed to apply, as well as the process for completing an application online.

Assistant Director of Admissions David Gage spoke with high school juniors about the college search process, and provided them with tips on investigating colleges and visiting schools.

At the end of the sessions, Young and Gage offered students their contact information and offered themselves a resource for further questions and help.

“The students had terrific questions and were eager to learn more about the admissions process, Young said.

The remaining sessions have been scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 5 and Wednesday, Jan. 9. The next gathering will focus on securing grants, scholarships and other financial aid. The final meeting will bring attention to financial responsibility. Members of the area banking industry will be in attendance, providing the teens with advice about saving habits and credit card management.

“Overall, I think the evening was a great success, said Young. “The goal here is to make sure that college is a realistic, attainable choice, not just a dream.