Arts Collective Installation – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
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Arts Collective Installation

This week, to celebrate the end of a successful first semester as a club, the HWS Arts Collective installed a disassembled outdoor art exhibit at various locations around campus. The pieces – which are actually individually themed puzzle pieces – have been placed in 13 academic buildings. (See map.) They will remain there until next week, when they will be taken down, assembled and displayed as a whole after Thanksgiving Break.

This installation pays homage to Pistols & Poodles, a group of “rogue student artists who would surreptitiously place pieces of art around the campus during the night to beautify the buildings and grounds.

The Arts Collective, a student-run, student-created artistic outlet, is also holding a Techno/Graf-Art party for Arts Collective members at the Kappa Alpha Society this Saturday as well as a public fashion show in December. In the spring, they will host various events, so keep an ear open.

All artists – visual artists, musicians, writers, dancers and others – are welcome to join and attend meetings. For more information, contact Meggie Schmidt at or Andrew Ockenden at

Map Key
1 Houghton House Holly Roussell
2 Napier Kari Williamson
3 Trinity Reina Apraez & Ben Mason
4 Demarest Steph Stahl
5 Coxe Martyna Boruta
6 Williams Kellee Wagner
7 IC Victor Pultinas & Simone Ver Eecke
8 Saga Barry Samaha
9 Library Charlotte Scott & Alex Teague
10 Library Atrium Andrea Rocchio
11 Smith Sal Zavaleta, Betsy Harris, & Neala Havener
12 Blackwell Alli McCracken
13 Winn-Seeley Juliet Leeming