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One Cup at a Time

Senior Mark Vogelgesang is attempting to save the world – one cup at a time.

With funds provided by Trustee Thomas Poole ’61, P’91, L.H.D.’06, Vogelgesang purchased 500 coffee mugs to be used by students in the Cafe, Cellar Pub, and deCordova Cafe. The effort is part of Vogelgesang’s independent study, “The Cost of Sustainability,” that he is working on with Associate Professor of Economics Tom Drennen and in conjunction with the Colleges’ recent participation in The American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment, to minimize waste as well as cut costs for the school and students.

“The idea is to encourage students to use renewable sources and create less trash,” said Vogelgesang. “By reusing these mugs, as opposed to using and throwing away a large number of paper or foam cups, we hope to minimize the trash on campus.”

The mugs can be used for coffee, tea and fountain drinks; students who use them receive a discount on their drink each time they use the mug.

The Presidents Climate Commitment is a group of more than 400 colleges and universities leading the way to reduce the threats of climate change. The movement provides a framework and support for America’s colleges and universities to go carbon neutral. The signatories of the Commitment pledge to fulfill a three-step constitution that includes expediently initiating a comprehensive plan for climate neutrality, taking tangible action to reduce greenhouse gases, and publicizing the action plan, inventory and progress. The Commitment recognizes the responsibility that institutions of higher education have as role models for their communities and in teaching and training the people who will develop the social, economic and technological solutions to reverse global warming.

Vogelgesang distributed the mugs to students who vowed to contribute in the effort to improve sustainability.