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Public Affairs Journal Unveiled

The 2007 edition of the Hobart and William Smith Colleges Public Affairs Journal was recently unveiled at a reception at the home of President Mark D. Gearan.

This second edition of the publication includes pieces on child welfare, health care, the environment, Iraq’s High Court, and pornography. Contributors include students, faculty, alumni and alumnae and community members including Geneva’s next mayor.

“This is such a pride point for the Colleges, Gearan said. “It’s a student initiative, and it represents the best of Hobart and William Smith.

Associate Editor Ross Green ’09 agreed. “Now, perhaps more than ever before, the need for open and honest discussions about the pressing issues of our time is of great political, social, and cultural imperative, he said. “The Journal and its accompanying Web log,, should open up new avenues of discussion with students and faculty from around the nation.

Krizia Mayer ’08 contributed an article titled, “The General State of Health in Contemporary America. She hopes the piece will generate a broader interest in the topic: the disparity between those patients who can have any treatments they desire and those at the other end of the economic spectrum, who struggle for the most basic care.

“Enacting change is a process, she said. “The first step is to have a dialogue – to write about ideas and to have others respond to those ideas and offer others.

Courtney Wilson ’08 piece, “Courtney’s Law: Protecting and Informing America’s Patients, explains the often-overlooked risks associated with CT scans. Tiffany Bennett ’08 asks: “Is pornography really as violent as they said? The Debate on the Morality of Pornography.

Alumni and alumnae contributors include

Anja-Maria Bassimir ’07, “Playing in a House of Cards, who is now pursuing a magister, the German equivalent of a master’s degree, in religious studies and history, at Eberhard Karls University in Tubingen, Germany;
John Mark Hallman ’07, author of “A Green Asian Dragon: Problems, Influences and Policy Solutions to China’s Environmental Crisis; who is now working with green energy programs with AmeriCorps in Auburn, N.Y.; and
Matthew T. Simpson ’04, who wrote on the “Iraqi High Court Authority: A state-practice review of the source of high court authority and an assessment of the 2005 Iraq Constitution. He is a senior research associate with the Public International Law and Policy Group in Washington, D.C.

Associate Professor of Economics and Environmental Studies Thomas E. Drennen, senior economist at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, N.M., contributed “International Climate Change Negotiations: Getting China Onboard. Drennen is the author of a new book, “Pathways to a Hydrogen Future, published by Elsevier Science.

Geneva mayor-elect Stu Einstein wrote about his experiences putting together a small-town non-profit organization to help Geneva’s schoolchildren. He is known to many HWS students who have volunteered through Success for Geneva’s Children and Geneva Head Start.

“I’m hoping the work we’ve done will inspire other people in small communities to try to do the same thing, Einstein said.

The introduction, “The State of Public Affairs and Civic Engagement, was written by Thomas Tighe, president and CEO of Direct Relief International, a non-profit humanitarian medical organization. Tighe cited the growing importance of non-policy makers in the creation of public policy, saying that more and more people are getting involved in making decisions that have a broad impact.

“I am confident that this issue will disclose both information you did not know and insights you haven’t heard, and also inspire you to think, Tighe said.

As a student, Lou Guard ’07 developed the Public Affairs Journal to bring together the best work of Hobart and William Smith students. Now the Presidential Fellow at Hobart and William Smith, he was an advisory editor on the current edition.

David Grome ’07 served as senior production manager for the journal’s new edition. Katy Goodrich ’08 was editor-in-chief. Associate editors included Green, Emma Dailey ’09, Felipe Estefan ’09, Joshua Parks ’09 and Christopher Slaby ’09.

Readers of the online Journal will also be able to view more information about the topics discussed, leave comments about articles, and discover ways to submit their own work for the next edition. This edition, like the first, was made possible through the generosity of former Trustee Horace Havemeyer III ’64, founder and publisher of Metropolis magazine.