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At UN Conference in Indonesia, Wilson hears Gore’s speech

Her attendance at talks noted in International Wire Service

Courtney Wilson ’08 was in the audience in Bali, Indonesia, Thursday, when former Vice President Al Gore spoke to the United Nations’ Climate Control Conference.

“It was absolutely incredible,” she said, “I had goosebumps most of the time.

“The basic conclusion is that the current administration is not going to change, but in one year and 40 days, it will almost definitely be different. So all of the other countries have to anticipate the U.S.’s actions and leave a blank spot in the document and put a footnote next to it, saying ‘this space is for the U.S.'”

Wilson’s attendance also garnered attention in the international press. “Wilson is mailing her final exams to her professors in Geneva, N.Y., this week from the other side of the planet,” the story began in the Wednesday, Dec. 11 edition of “Earth News.”

As an attendee of the United Nations talks, Wilson was interviewed for the story that was also distributed by GreenWire, an electronic newsletter. The story discussed the Clean Development Mechanisms and the large number of college students observing the talks in Bali.

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Wilson is a double major in environmental studies and public policy, double minoring in French and economics. Her summer 2007 internship included an examination of Clean Development Mechanisms, which are part of the Kyoto Protocol, and allow industrialized countries to invest in emission-reducing projects in developing countries.

Earlier this fall, she spent a week in Austria observing United Nations negotiations on the protocol. While in Vienna, she watched negotiations among several countries involved in this environmental treaty forged to reduce greenhouse gases. These negotiations are working toward a treaty to succeed the current one, which will expire in five years.

As part of her senior honors project and following two summer research positions with Associate Professor of Economics and Environmental Studies Tom Drennen, Wilson received a grant for her trip to Vienna from the Kloman Fellowship Fund; this grant was made possible by a generous gift from friends in memory of E. Helm Kloman, a 1975 graduate of Hobart College. Wilson offset her flights’ carbon dioxide emissions by purchasing a TerraPass, which helps fund clean energy projects that reduce greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide emissions.

Details on the Bali conference are available at Bali conference.