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MaKinster Wins Prestigious 2008 Fellowship

Assistant Professor of Education James MaKinster was one of two local educators who recently received fellowships from The National Technology Leadership Initiative. He and Nancy Trautmann of Cornell University were honored after their presentation at the Association of Science Teacher Education conference Jan. 10-12, 2008, in St. Louis, Mo.

MaKinster and Trautmann presented “Flexibly Adaptive Professional Development in Support of Teacher-Designed Geospatial Technology Curriculum Projects,” which seeks to explore the approaches implemented in the first year of the GIT Ahead project, as well as the evidence of teacher success in applying geospatial technology in their science teaching.

The award was established to encourage dialogue among professional associations and recognize an exemplary presentation on technology at annual conferences.

In recognition of their work, MaKinster and Trautmann have been invited to present at a two-hour symposium at the Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference, March 3-7, and to attend an awards luncheon in their honor in Las Vegas. “We’re excited,” says MaKinster, “it’s a nice validation of our work.”

MaKinster is also actively involved with the Environmental Studies Summer Youth Institute and the GIT Ahead Project, which is a collaboration of the Finger Lakes Institute at HWS, Cayuga Community College, Cornell University, the Institute for the Application of Geospatial Technology, and the New York State Geographical Information Systems Association.

“These projects create the opportunity to look at environmental issues from different perspectives and force students to consider the political, social, scientific, and economic implications of a given issue,” MaKinster explains.

MaKinster and Trautmann, along with other HWS faculty, also have plans for future projects focused on environmental issues in developing countries.

MaKinster, who joined the faculty in 2002, holds a Ph.D. from Indiana University, his master’s from the University of Louisiana and a bachelor’s from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.