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Hobart Reservist Pleads for Support of Troops

CPL. Eric S. Rogers, a member of the class of 2003 at Hobart College who was recently called to active duty in the Marine Corps Reserve, wrote a letter to the editor, “Do not protest America’s soldiers,” published in the March 20 Geneva Finger Lakes Times. In the letter Rogers wrote, “He who stands up and lets his voice be heard, whether pro or con, calling upon his government to serve its people, is not asking of his government. Rather he is participating in and changing his government, providing for the benefit of his country. This is the by-product of the very rights we hold dear.

“As you exercise your rights, your inalienable rights, remember what you protest. Remember the sacrifices made by those who have gone before you to protect those inalienable rights. Keep in mind our not too distant past, when Americans protested a war they called unjust. They protested our government and our military and used their rights to change the world. They made one fatal flaw.

“Do not repeat the mistakes of the past, no matter the battle they fight, nor the uniform they don. Do not protest your soldiers. They did not make the policy they enforce, they did not cause the war they fight, they do not kill because they want to.”