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Sports in Ancient Greece Class in the Chronicle

The course “Sports and Society in Ancient Greece and Rome” was featured in the March 28 Chronicle of Higher Education in the article “Students Team Up for a Course on Ancient Sports”. The course is taught by Lynn Sawlivich, assistant professor of classics, and is composed of 270 students divided into 19 teams representing a sport, plus a team of classics students and their friends.

“I wanted to look at the role sports played in the ancient world, and use that to look at how sports affects modern America,” said Sawlivich. The course covers topics including religious festivals, female athletes, and the architecture of sports arenas, then concludes with a team project. The sailing team will re-create an ancient boat race; another team will make a video depicting the celebratory reception enjoyed by Olympic heroes.

William Smith senior Amanda Callahan, a sailor and member of the class, said in the article “It's really cool how we can use our experiences as athletes to contribute to this class. We're all very excited about the final project. We're going to get our teammates who aren't in the class to be extras.”