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Masquerade Draws Attention to The Ugly Side of Paradise

With confetti and decorative masks covering the tables of Geneva's Club 86, the HWS community gathered together for the Caribbean Student Association's second-annual Masquerade Ball on Feb. 29.

The purpose of the Masquerade is to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS, a particular problem in the Caribbean. Guest speaker Roger Bonair-Agard, from Trinidad and Tobago, read “Inventory,” a poem by Joan Larkin about AIDS victims. Bonair-Agard also reflected on the death of his best friend due to AIDS, stressing the need to eliminate stigmas by becoming more educated.

“In the Caribbean, I think, we have not taken inventory.”

Professor of Education Charles Temple told a Haitian story to the audience; Harmony'z With Soul sang a rendition of Marvin Gaye's “What's Going On;” and the Hip~NotiQs offered a dance routine.

CSA put together a slide show to show “the ugly side of paradise,” with images and statistics on how HIV/AIDS affects people in the Caribbean; and the the Colleges' HIV and AIDS Peer Educators presented a documentary on how HWS students view these diseases.

According to CSA's Acting Prime Minister Cecilia Teye '09, the event was a success: “Everything went perfectly. It was a spectacular event that engaged the audience. The CSA board did a great job.”

CSA was founded in order to promote awareness of the Caribbean region. Other board members include Prime Minster Georgiana Morgan '09, Treasurer Delvina Smith '09, Secretary LaTrace Dabney '09 and Chief of Public Relations Brandy McCloud '09. Assistant Professor of English Lauren Alleyne is the faculty adviser.