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Mitchell, Belding revise textbook

Two members of the Mathematics and Computer Science faculty — Professor Kevin Mitchell and Associate Professor David Belding — are the authors of “Foundations of Analysis: Second Edition.”

The book, a revision of their 1991 text published by Prentice-Hall, “develops the real number system and the theory of calculus on the real line, extending the theory to real and complex planes.

“Designed for students who have had one year of calculus, it features extended discussions of key ideas and detailed proofs of difficult theorems.” A highly readable introduction to basic analysis, this unified approach develops the real number system and the theory of calculus, extending its discussion of the theory to real and complex planes.

In June of 1999, Mitchell received the Faculty Prize for Teaching, given each year to a gifted teacher who epitomizes what it means to be interdisciplinary. “His extraordinary dedication to teaching has been demonstrated by his teaching in the Summer Academic Opportunity Program in the summer, where he helped economically and academically disadvantaged students with their transition to college-level work” read the citation.

It continued, “If, as Richard Dedekind suggests, 'numbers are free creations of the human mind that serve as a medium for the easier and clearer understanding of the diversity of thought,' then perhaps it is not surprising that our colleague is uniquely equipped to recognize the interdependence of all knowledge.”

Mitchell led study abroad programs to Queensland, Australia, in 1994, '96, '98 and 2001. He also teaches in the environmental studies program and is the co-author, with Professor of Biology Thomas Glover, of “An Introduction to Biostatistics,” which is now in its third edition.

Belding, who also joined the faculty in 1980, holds a bachelor's from Amherst, a master's from Vermont and his doctorate from Dartmouth. A former associate dean of the faculty, he served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Sierra Leone from 1974 until 1976.

The text has been used for more than a decade in an HWS course that has calculus and linear algebra as prerequisites and is generally taken by sophomores and juniors.

Copies of the revised edition are now available at The College Store.