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Bauder in Major Motion Picture

Take a close look on viewing the Civil War flick “Gods and Generals” and you might just glimpse Ave Bauder, director of public service. “I'm almost recognizable in the one scene,” says Bauder, who gets screen time during the Manassas and Antietam battle sequences. A Civil War reenactor, Bauder answered a call for extras placed in the Civil War News and wound up playing a Confederate cannoneer. That's an acting stretch for someone who usually portrays a Union soldier, but “for the movie I'd do anything,” he says. Bauder filmed for a total of seven days in Virginia and Maryland, and got to meet screenwriter and director Ron Maxwell, as well as stars Jeff Daniels and C. Thomas Howell. On the print side, Bauder also was quoted in the article “Waterloo: The Birthplace of Memorial Day” in the Spring 2003 issue of “Life in the Finger Lakes”.