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Fact or ?

The Weird Merriment of Fact, an exhibition of artwork by Katherine Jackson and Professor of English David Weiss, will open at Houghton House from 7 until 9 p.m. on Friday, March 28. The opening event that evening will be an interactive, collectively performative experience. Afterward, there will be a “talk-back” session during which all spectator-participants can discuss the exhibition with Jackson and Weiss.

The show contains works that are composed of weird stuff:
* Bullets
* Bulls-eyes
* Sandblasts
* Dead Birds
* Gaussian Plumes
* Swarm Intelligence
* Lit Up Text
* Animated Text
* The Living Card Catalogs
* Snakeskin
* Video Breakery
* Talking Trash
* Holo-shattering
* Weird Merriment Installation Room
* Transparency
* LEDs
* Thorn Juggling

The art objects are made of glass and of pre- and post-glass.

The exhibition runs from March 28 to April 25.

A compendium organized around the fact that facts are…

Jackson is a New York-based artist who specializes in glass and text at the intersection of art and literature. She has shown extensively in New York, Boston and Ann Arbor. Her most recent show, BREAK, took place at Bennington College in November 2006. She is doing an installation at the Tenement Museum in New York City beginning this June.

Weiss is a poet and professor of English at the Colleges as well as the editor of Seneca Review. His book-length poem, GNOMON, will be out later this month from Wolf at the Door Press.