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Inspiring Thought about Oil, Energy through Multi-media

William Smith dance students will join Visiting Assistant Professor Missy Pfohl Smith in presenting “Guzzle (The Politics of Inconvenience)” at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and the University of Rochester on Sunday and Monday, April 6 and 7.

“Guzzle” is a multi-media dance work, conceived and directed by Pfohl Smith and developed and performed by Adria Baratta '08, Rebecca Borsuk '11, Lauren Budd '10, Danielle DeVito '09, Sherry Funke '08, Karen George '09, Sade Jones '08, Stefanie Novak '08, Shannon Times '08 and Shayna Times '08. It examines America's dependence on oil and its lasting effects on our environment.
From the greed of “Big Oil,” to the brainwashing of Americans, this work discusses what seems like this nation's need (or is it desire?) for oil and energy.

It asks the question: Where are our behaviors leading us ultimately and which race is more crucial — the race to keep up with the Jones' or the race to slow down our culture of mass consumption before it's too late? The work will feature original music by New York City-based composer David Homan and video by Washington, D.C. – based filmmaker Matt Costanza.

The first performance, on Sunday, April 6 at 7 p.m., is part of the ImageMovementSound Festival at RIT and will take place in the Ingle Auditorium. ImageMovementSound grew out of the conviction that the artistic experience and product are enhanced by the active engagement of diverse artists and audiences. Each year, the festival brings together talented Rochester-area professional, student and faculty dancers, musicians, filmmakers and other artists to create and present collaborations that integrate two or more art forms, including film and video, music, dance, acting and stage performance, graphic arts, motion media arts, costuming, lighting and set design. Artists and community members alike are invited to share in a unique, multifaceted artistic statement; to glimpse each others' visions; and to experience art that is fresh, alive and unexpected. The ImageMovementSound festival is celebrating its 11th year of showcasing collaborative cross-disciplinary multimedia projects by teams of artists.

Performances are now annually presented at two or three partnership sites each April, on a rotating basis, in order to break down geographic barriers hindering participation within various segments of the artistic and civic communities.

On Monday, April 7, at 6:30 p.m., the University of Rochester's Program of Movement and Dance will present a free lecture demonstration performance of “Guzzle” in Spurrier Gym (Theater). William Smith student dancers will perform “Guzzle” as a work-in-progress and will discuss its creative process. This event will feature additional choreography and performance by Pfohl Smith, who will be joined onstage by HWS Associate Professor Cadence Whittier.

“Guzzle” will also be performed as part of the Faculty Dance Concert in the Winn-Seeley Gym/Theater on campus at HWS on April 25-27.

Dances choreographed by Michelle Ikle, Cadence Whittier and Cynthia Williams will also be featured.