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Times reporter pens intro to latest edition of the HWS Public Affairs Journal

Adam Nagourney, accomplished reporter for the New York Times and writer of the Times’ political blog, “The Caucus,” has written the introduction for the third edition of the Hobart and William Smith Public Affairs Journal (PAJ), which will be released at the end of the month.

Before introducing the newest edition of the Colleges’ journal, Nagourney writes about his role as a reporter, his current journalistic interests and what he hopes he is accomplishing.

“My job is, with a team of other reporters, to write about national elections,” Nagourney writes. “This year, it is to chronicle the presidential campaign. My goal, in short, is to make certain that by Election Day, readers of the New York Times have enough information about the candidates – their views, record in government, biography, and character – to make an informed decision about who to support on Election Day.”

The Journal is a production of The Hobart and William Smith Public Affairs Project, a student-run organization advised and assisted by faculty, staff and alumni/ae. In addition to the PAJ, the Project oversees the management and development of The Hobart and William Smith online journal of public affairs.

Both the undergraduate journal and the online journal work to spread an educated, diverse and insightful discourse in the various realms of public affairs. They offer students opportunities to bring their own work in these fields to levels beyond that of the classroom, with the help of a variety of talented faculty, students and alumni/ae.

“The Public Affairs Journal represents the best of Hobart and William Smith — engaged students productively working together to foster lively discourse and thereby enhance the civic engagement on our campus and beyond,” said President Mark D. Gearan. “At a time when far too many citizens are not engaged in public issues, The Hobart and William Smith Colleges Public Affairs Journal is an antidote for this prevailing cynicism. The editors and contributing student scholars have embraced the charge the founding students set for themselves: ignite interest in issues, challenge assumptions, and shape a meaningful discourse.”

Aside from the introduction by Nagourney, who visited campus and offered his insight from the world of journalism as a speaker for the President’s Forum Series on March 10, this edition of the PAJ will include the work of students from the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Columbia University and, of course, HWS. Their pieces cover a wide range of issues such as a discussion of public policy discourse in urban planning, food and its effects on the environment, insights into the stem cell research debate, and America’s view of the Nuremberg trials.

“The PAJ has been, since its inception two years ago, a forum for open discussion about issues of importance in the public sphere,” says Ross Green ’09, chief editor of the Journal. “It has always been the goal of the Journal to attract the submission of high quality pieces that pertain to a wide variety of issues, and I believe we have succeeded in doing just that in this upcoming third edition.”

The third edition will be released the week of April 28. Copies will be available throughout campus — in the library, the Office of Residential Education, admissions, the President’s office, Gulick and Trinity halls. Readers are encouraged to visit the PAJ Web site, where the Journal can be read in electronic form. There is also a forum in which to comment on articles of particular interest or on the Journal as a whole.

Articles are currently being accepted for the fourth edition (which will be released in the fall). Pieces should be between 10 and 12 pages and should be submitted to ross.green@hws.edu on or before June 1.

In the photo above, Adam Nagourney talks with Ross Green ’08 and President Gearan at the March 10 President’s Forum Series address.