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Professor Presents in the Pacific

Layton Seth Curl, assistant professor of psychology, presented a series of papers this May in Taipei, Taiwan, and Honolulu, Hawaii. The International Academy of Intercultural Research invited him to present his paper, “Reduction of Latent Prejudice with the Use of a Cultural Assimilator,” during their bi-annual conference May 13- May 19. He also presented with colleague Tehmina Zanadin Banatwala-Gladman on the topic of individualism and collectivism theory.

Curl has been elected an Associate Fellow of the International Academy and also serves as a member of their Editorial Board for the International Journal of Intercultural Relations.

Afterwards Curl and Banatwala-Gladman presented a paper titled, “How useful is a Good Theory? A test of Anxiety Uncertainty Management Theory and Individualism/Collectivism Theory in a Training Paradigm,” at the Second Hawaii International Conference on Social Sciences.