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Colleges People Quoted on President Bush’s Speech and the War

Local residents were interviewed for their opinions on the speech regarding Iraq made by President Bush. Several members of the Colleges community were quoted in the story “Local reaction to Bush's speech mixed” from the March 18, Geneva Finger Lakes Times.

Chaplain Lesley Adams called Bush’s address “a well-written speech with which I wholeheartedly disagree.” Adams said she feels there are options, aside from war, for dealing with Saddam Hussein.

Jodi Dean, associate professor of political science, said of Bush, “I think he’s creating a new world order in a horrific way. I think this ‘preventive’ war is against everything American.” Instead of circumventing the United Nations, Dean said the United States should work with it and continue diplomacy and weapons inspections.

Hobart seniors Bryan Good and Kevin Kubera are co-hosts of the conservative WEOS-FM 88 talk show “Justifying the Means,” which airs live at 7 p.m. Thursdays. Kubera said he thinks Bush made a good argument. He respects the decision by some people to protest, but they should still support the troops, and said it has come to the point where military action is justifiable. Kubera was also quoted in the March 20 Finger Lakes Times story “FL emotions over war run the gamut,” which addressed local reaction after the start of the war.