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A New World Order Symposium Featured

The March 24 symposium “A New World Order? Iraq, Terrorism, and the Future of International Relations” was featured in the Democrat and Chronicle story “Hobart looks at Mideast more closely”. Symposium speakers Naeem Inayatullah As’ad AbuKhalil were quoted, along with Virginia Tilley, assistant professor of political science, and Doug Green, a member of the Hobart Class of 2004.

“No one could have predicted this event would be so timely,” said Tilley. “This moment in history is so fraught with a feeling of vast change.”

Green was required to attend part of the symposium for a class, but came for other talks because he wanted to learn more. “We have a (duty) as students to go beyond what we read in the newspaper,” he said.

The symposium, and in particular the keynote address by Former Ambassador to the United Nations Nancy Soderberg, was also the focus of the Daily Messenger article U.S., U.N. have future together”. The article quoted senior Sheng Wang, who said “I thought it was absolutely energizing.”

Sophomore Kelly Burke said she thought it was exciting to have so many distinguished speakers at the college. “It's very inspiring,” she said.