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LASA Prize Winners Travel to Dallas

Chirlie Felix '03 and Dewey Mote '03, winners of the LASA Prize, attended the Latin American Studies Association meetings in Dallas, Texas, on March 27-29. The LASA Prize is given by the Latin American Studies Program every 18 months for the best papers written on a topic having to do with Latin America. LASA Prize winners have gone on to master's degree programs in Latin American studies at Georgetown and NYU, to work in the Peace Corps in Central America, and other important work.

The LASA Meetings consist of three days of panels, speakers, and movies about Latin America. Scholars and students come from Europe, Latin America, Japan and the U.S. to attend the meetings.

Felix and Mote had the opportunity to talk with Hobart grad Brian DiFeo, presently studying LAS at NYU, and William Smith grad Heather Byrne, who studied LAS at Georgetown.