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HWS Robot Contestants

Four student teams from HWS competed in the 10th annual Trinity College Robot Firefighting Contest on April 13 in Hartford, Conn. Each team was responsible for building and programming an autonomous mobile robot that searches rooms in a maze for a house fire (simulated by a lit candle) and extinguishes it in the least overall time. Student teams entering robots in the senior college division were:
Carl Harter, Ben Weiss (Bling Bling)
Josh Austin, Nick Batyko, Adrian Mott (Tha' Shiznit)
Emily Herzfeld, Evan Hourigan, Erin Scholomiti (EEE Money)
Mike Giovannini, Steve Quackenbush, Mike Squillante (Peaches)

The contest draws over 100 teams from across the U.S. and Canada with international teams representing China, Israel, Germany, Iran, and India.

Each qualifying team is allowed three trial runs through the maze with the candle in an unspecified location for each trial. The robots cannot be remote controlled and must use a variety of sensors to navigate the maze and locate the candle. Three HWS teams qualified for the contest and two HWS teams successfully extinguished the candle with the Harter-Weiss team achieving a perfect 3 for 3 score. Professor John Vaughn in the mathematics and computer science department advises the teams. Final standings, along with pictures of the contest, will be posted on the contest Web page at www.trincoll.edu/events/robot/default.htm.