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Drennen Featured in International Magazine on Hydrogen Cars

Assistant Professor of Economics Tom Drennen was featured in the April 14 Democrat and Chronicle article “Geneva prof leading hydrogen project” about hydrogen-run cars and the possibilities of using hydrogen as a fuel. Excerpts of the article also ran in “Fuel Cell Today” (London, UK) in an article titled “NY professor is leading national hydrogen research efforts”.

Drennen is the principal investigator on a two-year project that started last fall with Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico. The research team is using past research and data on hydrogen, as well as doing some investigating and projecting of its own, to create a computer simulation that will allow people to compare different options for hydrogen-based power sources.

“Somewhere down the road, (hydrogen) is going to be the fuel source,” Drennen said. “It’s going to be a huge battle as to how we get there. But this is where we have to move.”