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Dunn’s Op-Ed in the D&C

Kevin Dunn, assistant professor of political science, had an op-ed titled “U.S Emerges From Iraq War a Rogue Superpower” in the April 16 Democrat and Chronicle. In the editorial Dunn wrote, “After the fall of Baghdad comes the inevitable triumphalism, with victory often serving to justify the war itself. … But in our war euphoria, we Americans are increasingly treating wars as if they were sporting events. Such mentality ignores the very severe physical and human cost of this war, in which thousands of Iraqis are already known to have died. More importantly, American triumphalism over the fall of Baghdad obscures very real questions about why this war was fought, and at what cost.”

He concluded, “While the Bush administration continues creating what it hopes will be Pax Americana – global peace built on American domination – we are more likely to get just the Americana without much Pax. And as with all imperial projects, it is likely to leave us less secure in an increasingly hostile world.”