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Drennen and Alumni have Papers Published

Professor Drennen and two former alumni had papers published this month. “Scenario Analysis of Chinese Passenger Vehicle Growth” discusses the implications of future growth of automobiles in China for the global environment and oil markets. The paper was co-written with Peter Kobos, (Hobart '97), and Jon Erickson at the University of Vermont. The article was published in the April 2003 edition of Contemporary Economic Policy.

The second paper, “Electricity Generation Cost Simulation Model (GenSim)”, discusses the projected costs of producing electricity from a wide variety of electricity generating technologies. The results are based on a computer simulation model that allows the user to examine a broad range of cost and enviromental assumptions. This paper was co-written with William Kamery (Hobart '02) and Arnold Baker, Sandia National Labs. The article appears in the Spring 2003 edition of “Diologue”, the official newsletter of the International Association of Energy Economists.