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Shahid ’06 Films in Tanzania with Temple

Jared Shahid '06 was in Tanzania the last two weeks of May filming workshops for the Tanzania Ministry of Education and Culture and UNESCO. Shahid was part of a team led by Charles Temple, professor of education, and they were supporting an ambitious program to “upgrade” 53,000 primary school teachers–that is, help them raise their own level of education to the equivalent of a high school graduate, which they must do by January of 2006. Temple's team designed a training program for about 1,000 “facilitators,” mostly staff from Teacher Training Colleges who will mentor these teachers as they read through study materials that has been prepared for the project by the Tanzania Institute of Education. Rounding out the team were professors from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland; the University of Texas; and California State University-Los Angeles. The team spread out across all seven zones of Tanzania, accompanied by representatives from the Ministry, and helped deliver seven week-long workshops. At the conclusion of the workshops, a debriefing dinner was hosted by UNESCO at Smokie's Tavern in Dar es Salaam, and the workshops were declared a great success. Said one Ministry official, “These plans were just a dream before. But now that we have completed the workshops we feel that we have a roadmap to the future.”

The videotapes shot by Shahid will be edited in the fall in an independent study with Professor Marilyn Jimenez of the Media and Society program, and will be returned to the Tanzanian ministry of Education and Culture to support future training activities. Funding for Shahid's trip was provided by the Young Family Trust.