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Gaines ’88 Featured in Washington Times

Ludwig P. Gaines, who was recently elected to the Alexandria, Va., City Council, spoke of “the wonders of democracy” during a reception after the installation of new Alexandria City Council members. “If anything was clear after Election Day, it is that in the city of Alexandria, fitness for elected office — access to all-important political power — is best determined by the content of one's character, the quality of one's ideas, and the depth of one's commitment, rather than by race, religion or sexual orientation. For that message, we should all be thankful and proud,” Gaines said. The story was in the July 4 Washington Times, titled “A shining torch of promise is passed in Alexandria”. Gaines is a member of the Hobart Class of 1988. He is currently a law professor at the Howard University School of Law and a legal and policy consultant with Government & Business Solutions, Inc. (G&B Solutions), an information technology and management consultant company founded in Alexandria and based in McLean, Va.