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WEOS Rebroadcast in Ithaca, but will help Ithacans Create a Local Station

WEOS and the station's general manager Mike Black were featured in the July 9 Ithaca Times story “Making Their Voices Heard”.According to the article, some Ithacans are concerned there is not enough local voice in the radio broadcast in that area. A group has created the Ithaca Community Radio Project, which hopes to create a community radio station that will feature locally produced and Ithaca-centered programming. In 2002, the project got off the ground when members were able to secure a translator tower that allowed them to broadcast WEOS, public radio from Hobart & William Smith Colleges in Geneva, on local signal 88.1 FM. The station was chosen to be rebroadcast in Ithaca as it features two Ithaca-based shows and a variety of National Public Radio programs that community radio project organizers felt best fit the needs and interests of Ithacans. Black says the partnership has worked out to everyone's benefit.

While the license that Ithaca Community Radio holds does not allow them to broadcast their own programs on their signal, having WEOS broadcast their programs provides a loophole for that. And when the Federal Communications Commission opens up the application process to apply for a permanent station designation, the project organizers will seek to make 88.1 a permanent locally centered station.