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Rimmerman Quoted on Gay Marriage

Professor of Political Science Craig Rimmerman offered his insight into an article about gay marriages in the Syracuse Post-Standard Aug. 10, titled “Debate over gay marriage heats up”. In the article he said, “What’s clear to me is we are very slowly moving in a direction of larger societal acceptance of same-sex marriage. But we are not at that point yet. The issues are just too explosive.” He also noted that gay marriage could emerge as a central issue in the election in 2004.

Rimmerman was also quoted in an article in the Boston Globe on Sunday, August 2. The article highlights much of the history of the gay rights movement and notes that at the moment, same-sex marriage is the most high-profile, and potentially polarizing, gay-rights issue on the nation's political agenda. Rimmerman said it's the wrong issue at the wrong time, noting that “Marriage is such a conservative social institution. I truly expect the Christian right to organize vociferously to block this.”

On the issue of the recent Supreme Court decision regarding the two gay men in Texas, Rimmerman noted, “It's a benchmark for other political institutions down the road.”

Rimmerman is the author of “From Identity to Politics: The Lesbian and Gay Movements in the United States” (2001) and is frequently called upon by the media for his expertise on the issue of gay rights.