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Beth Brophy ’76 Has Book Reviewed in Washington Post

Her first novel, recently published by Simon and Shuster, earned Beth Brophy '76 a generally positive review in The Washington Post on Friday, August 1.

Reviewer Carolyn See wrote of “My Ex-Best Friend”: “I'm blown away by the veracity of your friendship narrative. Husbands and lovers come and go, and God love them! Children grow up and out. Parents stick around or don't. But women friends are apt to be friends forever, remembering every ungracious remark or better dress or stolen boyfriend or traffic ticket or divorce or job promotion either of them ever had — up to and on into the old folks' home, loving and hating each other, still trying to figure out who is sidekick to whom.”

Brophy recently did readings in New York at Barnes and Noble and in Washington, D.C., at Politics and Prose. She has also done numerous radio interviews discussing her book and her writing. Read the review.

Brophy is a former senior editor at U.S. News & World Report.