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Warr and Robinson Quoted on Roommate Happiness

Josh Warr '05, orientation coordinator at Hobart College, said surviving with a college roommate can best be accomplished through compromise in the Aug. 18 Finger Lakes Times story “Roomies 101: Local students say compromise, respect are crucial to dorm life”. The article focused on ways new college students can make their living experience at college easier.

“Usually both people come from different backgrounds and may have similar likes, but they probably live different lifestyles,” said Warr. “Compromising is key, especially when you might have different schedules with one person staying up late and another getting up early.”

Robinson said even with all the preparations, roommates can still have trouble. Robinson said well-intended plans often don’t work out because class schedules are different than first expected.

“We have our own survey, but they answer the questions at home in the environment they are used to. Who knows, they might decide to have afternoon classes and stay up at night studying, but they were traditionally a person that went to bed early and woke up early,” said Robinson. “Everything changes when you come to college.”