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Tilley Published on UN Bombing in Baghdad

Virginia Tilley, assistant professor of political science, was published in the Aug. 21 issue of CounterPunch magazine. Her editorial article was titled “Bush's Tinker-Toy Ideology”. In it Tilley wrote, “The terrible bombing of the UN offices in Baghdad has capped an accelerating series of sabotage actions against Iraqi water mains, oil pipelines, electricity grids–and US soldiers, hapless agents of this mess, who are killed daily. But most sharply, it highlights one fact: the end of “major combat operations” in Iraq announced by President Bush on May 1 was not the culmination of trouble but the beginning of an inevitable march into quagmire.”

She was a guest on KCMO radio in Kansas City Aug. 19 discussing the UN bombing in Baghdad and the implications of that bombing and others like it.