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Côr Cymry Gogledd America Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary

On the weekend of March 1, Côr Cymry choristers will gather from across the United States and Canada at the South Street Seaport region of Lower Manhattan where activities will be based. The choir will give a celebratory concert in Lower Manhattan. Later that evening a reception and official premiere screening of Côr Cymry's new documentary will take place in the galleries of the South Street Seaport Museum. The documentary will tell the choir's unique story through the lens of the choir's 2002 concert tour to Wales.

On Sunday morning, March 2, the choir will sing the Orthodox liturgy in Welsh at St. Cyril's of Turau Orthodox Cathedral in Brooklyn. The Very Reverend Igoumen Father Deiniol, who hosted the choir last summer at his church in Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales, will join the choir both singing and celebrating on that occasion.

The Welsh community in New York will also help Côr Cymry to celebrate this special weekend. The St. David's Society of New York has its annual banquet on Friday, February 28 at which choristers from the Mid-Atlantic region will sing a selection of songs to provide a taste of the weekend's activities. The Welsh Church at Rutgers Presbyterian, Eglwys y Cymry, joins in the celebrations on Sunday, March 9, when Tad Deiniol will be the guest minister at the annual St. David's Day service.

Côr Cymry Gogledd America is a community choir with a continental presence that seeks to reflect the North-American Welsh experience through music and song. Drawing on a rich cultural heritage, the choir strives to create a new musical genre reflecting what it means to be both Welsh and North American.

Founded in 1998 by Mari Morgan, the choir has a roster of over 100 choristers who live in 26 United States and three Canadian provinces. The choristers are virtually connected using their Web site as an intranet communications hub. The information repository for the choir, www.nawr.com/corcymry holds regional rehearsal and concert schedules, practice song tracks, lessons in Welsh pronunciation and “community” news.

The choristers include the descendants of Welsh immigrants, expatriates and those who feel connected with the music and the community that is Côr Cymry Gogledd America. Tom Parsons, a member of the Hobart Class of 1987, is a founding member of Côr Cymry Gogledd America.

Throughout the year, choir conductor Mari Morgan and accompanist Richard Lind travel to conduct regional rehearsals centered around Seattle, Washington; Kansas City, Missouri; Minneapolis, Minnesota; the New York metropolitan region; and Toronto, Ontario.

Côr Cymry Gogledd America has commissioned a series of works from American and Canadian composers and Welsh writers. The choir also honors its Welsh roots and presents both old and new Welsh favorites. Côr Cymry Gogledd America's program seeks to connect us all through a musical genre that spans both centuries and continents.