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Rimmerman Quoted on Boy Scouts

Craig Rimmerman, professor of political science, was quoted on the problems the Boy Scouts of America are having in dealing with their stance on homosexuality. “People are organizing in a way to put pressure on the Boy Scouts to be more open,” said Rimmerman in the article “Embattled Scouts struggle to maintain funding, ideology” in the Sept. 14 Boston Globe. “We're going to go back and look at that decision as a watershed moment.”

The Gay Financial Network also used the same quote in their Sept. 18 story “Phillie Scouts Bring Conflict, Land-Loss Over Antigay Policy.”

The Boy Scouts of America won a major Supreme Court case to establish a clear legal right to keep gays out of its ranks. Now sponsoring groups across the country have cut financial and other ties to the organization, including benefits provided by state and local governments, such as space for activities in parks or other public facilities.

Rimmerman is the author of “From Identity to Politics: The Lesbian and Gay Movements in the United States” (Temple University Press, 2001) and “The Politics of Gay Rights” (University of Chicago Press, 2000).