Dean Butler and Ellis ’03 Receive Awards from Chi Phi – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
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Dean Butler and Ellis ’03 Receive Awards from Chi Phi

This summer at the 138th Chi Phi Fraternity National Congress, two distinguished awards were given to gentlemen of the Hobart College community. Dean Clarence Butler received University Administrator of the Year, and Bradley Ellis ’03, Upsilon Chapter, received the Gladfelter Leadership Award. Both of these awards recognize the top contributors to the Chi Phi Fraternity in their respective areas.

The University Administrator of the Year Award is given to the college administrator who not only lives the values of Chi Phi fraternity, but also seeks to make an impact in the Chi Phi chapter present on his campus. The Gladfelter Leadership Award is the highest award that bestowed on an undergraduate in Chi Phi fraternity.

“Dean Butler has exemplifies unparallel partnership and character in his work with the Upsilon chapter at Hobart,” said Matt Merkel, associate director of alumni services for Chi Phi Fraternity. “He has been in constant communication with the National Office as well as the chapter. He is highly respected amongst the undergraduates and his peers alike. We recognize him fro not only clearly making a difference in Chi Phi on his campus, but the entire Hobart community as will. For these reasons, combined with his outstanding leadership and character qualities, it was in fact our privilege to give Dr. Butler such an award and recognition.

“Bradley Ellis has been a model Chi Phi throughout his undergraduate experience,” said Merkel. “Although never serving as chapter president, Brad’s leadership was in clear evidence at the chapter. He is one of the key undergraduates responsible for the turn-around in the Hobart chapter. His constant sense of responsibility, living the values of fraternity, his attention to the growth of the chapter, and to the overall morale of the other members made him a prime example of Chi Phi leadership. Mr. Ellis’ work ethic, honesty, and courage to face challenges within the chapter created an environment whereby Chi Phi could be on the path to return as a premier chapter within our fraternity.”