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Dunn Quoted on President Bush’s Speech

Kevin Dunn, assistant professor of political science, was quoted in “What They Said,” an accompaniment to an article, on the speech President Bush recently made to the United Nations General Assembly, in the Sept. 24 Democrat and Chronicle.

“What I find fascinating, the last time he was there (before the U.N. General Assembly), he told the body if they didn't support the war, they'd be irrelevant,” said Dunn. “That's the word he used–“irrelevant.” Now there's somewhat of Bush … coming back with his hat in his hand. I'm sure the irony was not lost on the international community. Clearly (Bush administration officials) do need the United Nations, even though they don't want them.”

Dunn specializes in theories of international relations and United States foreign policy. He joined the Colleges faculty in 2001. He received his B.A. at Davidson College, his M.A. at Dalhousie University and his Ph.D. at Boston University.