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Colleges Visitor Remembered

Edward W. Said, a Columbia University professor, literary critic and leading spokesman in the United States for the Palestinian cause, passed away on Sept. 25. According to an Associated Press story, Said was born in 1935 in Jerusalem, then part of British-ruled Palestine, and spent almost all his adult life in the United States. He wrote passionately about the Palestinian cause but also on a variety of other subjects — from English literature, his academic specialty, to music and culture. His books ranged from “The Question of Palestine” in 1979 and “After the Last Sky” in 1986 — both about the Arab-Israeli conflict — to “Musical Elaborations” in 1991, and “Cultural Imperialism” in 1993.

Said was a guest of the Colleges in the spring of 1994, at which time he delivered an address in Albright Auditorium. The accompanying photo is from his visit.