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Crossing Borders Features Water Bear on Radio Broadcast

Ithaca Ithaca's new live radio broadcast show Crossing Borders presents the original quartet members of Water Bear for its July 3 broadcast. The group celebrates its original format in anticipation of the departure of one of the members, Ruth Roland, who is moving later in the month to Louisiana. This will be the third broadcast of Crossing Borders, presented live from 8 to 10 p.m. on Saturday, July 3, from the Carriage House Café at 305 Stewart Avenue.

Known for the originality of Boel's “Name Music,” Water Bear breaks the mold for string quartets, covering a vast array of musical styles with ease and a sense of adventure, while introducing a whole new way of creating music. The foursome are first-rate improvisers, top-shelf ensemble players and sophisticated composers, creating music for laughing, listening, and occasionally, dancing. It crosses borders from minimalist to reggae, folk to baroque, ambient to post-bop.

Their style together is a blend of their individual strengths. Violinist Mer Boel comes from a bluegrass/folk and jazz fiddle background; Cellist Hank Roberts is internationally known in jazz improvisational and innovative circles for his virtuosity, as well as his compositions; Ruth Roland, violinist, brings Easter European and classical influences, and bassist Tim Reppert contributes a range of experience from R&B to pop, jazz, and contemporary folk. The quartet can sound as simple as a duo, or as complex as a sextet, and has developed other combinations of players in addition to the original grouping. To illustrate that fact, Nate Richardson joins the quartet for this performance, adding his unique guitar styling.

Crossing Borders is a two hour, weekly multi-cultural live radio concert series dedicated to presenting international, local ethnic, and local original artists, often in combination, live from the Carriage House Café. The Café is a newly renovated carriage house, whose mission is to promote multicultural interaction through entertainment and cuisine. It is scheduled to open for food sales in the early fall. Meanwhile it opens for the radio show every Saturday. The pubic is welcome to attend the live presentation. Admission is $10 at the door. The WVBR show broadcasts at 93.5 FM and at