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Social Norms for Student Athletes Program Has Positive Effect

A program funded through the NCAA's Division III Initiatives Task Force, Student-Athletes Taking Active Responsible Roles, or STARR, highlights the positive behavior of the majority of student-athletes to help others make informed decisions about alcohol and drug use and other issues of importance to student-athletes. The pilot has shown positive results in the short time it has been implemented on eight Division III campuses.

H. Wesley Perkins, professor of sociology, and David Craig, professor of chemistry, were consultants to the STARR program, which was featured in the Oct. 13 issue of NCAA News, in the article titled “Alcohol-education pilot has a sobering effect in Division III”.

“The use of data that pertains to that specific institution, and not colleges in general, is one of the key components of the program,” said Perkins. “Everybody thinks they're at the top of the list (of party schools) and so it's easy to look at national data, or data that don't pertain specifically to their school, and write it off. The closer it is to home, based on credible data, the more of a challenge it is against students who hold those massive misperceptions.”