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Peter the Great and His Collections

As a part of the Wells Lecture Series, Raul Delgado-Rodriguez will discuss the collecting of things by Peter the Great and the audience. Delgado-Rodriguez' talk will deal with the cultures of collecting, and will cover two very different manners of collecting. The first would be that of the imperial Czar Peter the Great collection, and the second would be that of the private collector.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at Wells College, Delgado-Rodriguez will bring along a number of slides of the Imperial Collections, which include rare and often-unique items, and give evidence of the love of collecting.
Since adolescence Peter the Great had been a passionate collector. He was greatly fond of collecting unusual things. Traveling around Western Europe, the Russian czar never missed an auction where “wonders” brought from Eastern colonies were on sale: unusual shells and plants, stuffed animals and birds, coins, medals, and so on.

The program will begin at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 17, at the Seneca Falls Library, 47 Cayuga Street.

This program is supported in part by public funds from NYSCA Decentralization Program, which is administered locally by the Finger Lakes Arts Grants and Services, Inc.

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