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Dobkowski Quoted on Lieberman Campaign

Michael Dobkowski, professor of religious studies, was quoted on presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman in an article titled “Religion, Israel Hobble Lieberman” in the Oct. 26 Hartford Courant, Hartford, Conn. The article showed Lieberman having trouble gaining support in his bid for the presidency because of his commitment to his religion.

“There's this underlying suspicion,” said Dobkowski. “There's a feeling among some people that Lieberman, as a Jew, a committed Jew, could not be even-handed.”

According to the article, Lieberman has insisted that such perceptions are neither based on fact nor causing him problems. But with the daily news of more killings in the Middle East and more evidence of anti-Semitism throughout the world, there may be little Lieberman can do.

“There are just more and more shrill voices out there,” Dobkowski said.