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Tilley Published on Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Virginia Tilley, assistant professor of political science, was published in the Nov. 6 issue of London Review of Books. Her article, titled “The One-State Solution,” explored the Palestinian-Israeli conflict over land, and the formation of a Palestinian state. Tilley recommended forming a single state.

“The challenge for the one-state solution is to find a political path through the transition from rival ethno-nationalisms to a democratic secular formula which would preserve Israel's role as a Jewish haven while dismantling the apartheid-like privileges that presently assign second-class citizenship to non-Jews,” she wrote. “The larger and longer-range impact of the one-state solution could transform regional tensions as well as local ones, by eliminating the military occupation, unifying the territory, and effectively restoring the Palestinians to (shared) sovereignty in their historical homeland. It would grant them long-sought representation, property rights, a civil justice system, and press freedoms within the democratic system hitherto reserved for Jews but which many Palestinians have long admired and hoped to emulate.”