Refuse and Resist! Attends Conference on Media Reform – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
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Refuse and Resist! Attends Conference on Media Reform

Nine students with Refuse and Resist! attended the national Conference on Media Reform at the University of Wisconsin at Madison Nov. 7-9. Speakers at the conference included Amy Goodman from “Democracy Now” and Ralph Nader, and members of alternative press. Seniors Heater Harris and Jared Rosen, juniors Helmi Hunin, Coleen Judge, Caroline McAuliffe, Audrey Southern, and Meredith Trainor, sophomore Sarah Hauck and first-year Caitlin Esworthy were among the 1,600 attendees. Several members of the group have studied or will study off-campus, in South America, Africa, France, and England. Those who have been abroad compared the news coverage in the U.S. with what they encountered in their host countries.

“It's amazing to be here,” said Trainor. “We need to make people aware and make a national campaign for media reform. This conference has shown the skewed perspective of the media in national and international politics.”