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‘Rainbow Fish’ coming to Smith Opera House

“The Rainbow Fish,” Marcus Pfister’s best-selling tale, has delighted children since its publication in 1992 with its shimmering foil-stamped illustrations and simple yet compelling storyline.

Now this beloved book has been adapted for the musical stage by ArtsPower National Touring Theatre, and will be presented at 10 a.m. and noon Tuesday, Nov. 29 at the Smith Opera House, as part of the 2005-06 “ArtSmart Theatre for Young People” series.

In the story, The Rainbow Fish knows that her special iridescent scales make her the envy of all she sees, and she couldn’t be happier about it. When the other fish ask her to share her scales with them, she refuses, since they are what make her unique.

Rainbow Fish later notices that no one seems to be interested in her anymore, and it’s no use being good-looking if no one takes any notice. She asks advice from the wise old octopus, who tells her to give away some of her shining scales and then will she be accepted by the other fish.

Soon all the fish in the sea have lovely scales, and the Rainbow Fish learns that the path to true friendship can be found through generosity.

All seats for “The Rainbow Fish” are $4.50 and may be reserved by calling the Smith Opera House. The one-hour production is recommended for those in kindergarten, first and second grade. Home schoolers and public and parochial school students are invited; details are available at www.TheSmith.org or by calling (315) 781-LIVE or toll-free (866) 355-LIVE.

This production is sponsored by the Lyons National Bank and the Delavan Foundation.