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Bentsi-Enchill ’17 Featured on Ghana TV

The Ghanaian television network TV3 news recently featured HWS entrepreneur Ato Bentsi-Enchill ’17 in the segment “Business Movers and Shakers.”

Hailing from Accra, Bentsi-Enchill received a $10,000 award in start-up funding when he won the 2014 The Stu Lieblein ’90 Pitch Contest, the Colleges’ annual entrepreneurship competition facilitated by the Centennial Center for Leadership. The funds helped his company, RevisionPrep, develop an online educational service that combines exam preparation with gaming programs for students in Ghana.

Bentsi-Enchill and his business partner – a childhood friend and recent MIT graduate, Ike Kyei – are passionate about education and helping their country. Their company offers innovative additions to the current educational landscape in Ghana. In the interview with TV3, Bentsi-Enchill describes the issues RevisionPrep seeks to solve.

“We saw rote memorization as a problem,” he says. “Students attend primary school, memorize facts and figures to pass the exam, and right after, you forget everything you learned…For the future generation, we want students to understand the concepts behind each question, ask questions and understand the process to arrive at the correct answers. With RevisionPrep, the explanation is provided right to them immediately so they can gauge their understanding of each topic.”

RevisionPrep’s model encourages parents to take active roles in their children’s learning, offering weekly progress reports on student performance and the option to contact RevisionPrep or the schools directly for additional support.

Earlier this year, Bentsi-Enchill was named one of only 1,000 entrepreneurs selected for the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program, the largest African philanthropic initiative devoted to entrepreneurship which has helped RevisionPrep develop its product and services.

Bentsi-Enchill’s hope for the future is to expand the company throughout Ghana, influencing families’ lives and education policy in the country and, eventually, other parts of West Africa.

Watch the full TV3 interview with Bentsi-Enchill here.