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Blackwell-Hale Awards

Blackwell-Hale Academic Achievement Awards

Welcome to the awards page for the 2021 Blackwell-Hale Awards program at Hobart and William Smith Colleges! Named after two of our extraordinary community members, Elizabeth Blackwell and Benjamin Hale, this event celebrates some of our most academically accomplished students.

On behalf of the Hobart and William Smith Deans, we invite you share with us in celebrating the award winners listed below. Recipients are selected by various academic representatives, including faculty, deans, entire departments and even national organizations. In every instance, they signal extraordinary achievement and years of effort. They join our 200-year tradition of deep and broad thinkers whose academic and civic engagement continues to elevate our community.

Congratulations to all of our award recipients on your wonderful achievement!

Why Blackwell-Hale?

For generations, William Smith and Hobart Colleges have hosted separate academic award ceremonies: The Benjamin Hale Dinner for Hobart College and Moving Up Day for William Smith College. After conversation with alums, faculty, students and staff, the deans envisioned this shared event to celebrate the life of the mind as a central value of our heritage and future. We named the event after Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman in America to receive the Doctor of Medicine degree and Benjamin Hale, the first college dean of a liberal arts college in the United States, because their intellectual accomplishments reshaped HWS, just as our honored students continue to do. We had originally planned to host the inaugural Blackwell-Hale Awards Dinner on April 7, 2020. Unfortunately, we were not able to host the event on campus due to COVID-19. So, we are “virtually” celebrating all of our wonderful students this year and look forward to an on-campus celebration in future years, as we continue this new tradition.

The Rev. Benjamin Hale


Benjamin Hale served the College for a total of 22 years. Under Hale the faculty and library grew significantly, a variety of capital improvements took place, and the financial situation of the young institution improved dramatically. At a time in American higher education when a great many institutions were forced to close their doors for extended periods, Benjamin Hale managed to keep the College running. In the words of Warren Hunting Smith, a widely regarded historian of the Colleges, “next to Bishop Hobart himself, no other man did so much for the College.”

Elizabeth Blackwell


Known worldwide as the first woman to receive her degree as a Doctor of Medicine, Elizabeth Blackwell represents a historic moment in modern medicine and women's liberation. Several years after her family immigrated to the United States, Dr. Blackwell studied privately with independent physicians, an education which culminated at Geneva Medical College in Upstate New York. Upon graduation, Dr. Blackwell founded the New York Infirmary for Women and Children. Later, she helped found the National Health Society, was the first woman to be placed on the British Medical Register, and taught at England’s first college of medicine for women. She pioneered in preventive medicine and in the promotion of antisepsis and hygiene.


The John Lyndenberg Memorial Prize

To the American Studies senior whose academic work best exemplifies the high standard for American Studies scholarship set by Professor John Lydenberg, who was one of the leaders in the field and who founded the American Studies Program at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

  • Sophia Macaluso

The Martha Monser Justice Prize

This art history prize is to be awarded annually to a student selected by the Department of Art.

  • Annie Wertheimer

The Elizabeth Sibley Stebbins Art Prize

Established by a bequest from Elizabeth S. Stebbins who received an honorary degree from the Colleges in 1942. For excellence in Art.

  • Genevieve Pietrusinski

Architectural Studies Faculty Award

For leadership within the Program, and within the Student Architectural Society.

  • Bjorn Antell
  • Kathryn Dranichak
  • Harry Fletcher
  • Shelby Johnson

Senior Architecture Prize for Leadership, Service and Academic Achievement

Awarded by faculty in architectural studies to graduating seniors who have shown extraordinary dedication to design and improving the quality of the built environment through their leadership in the architectural studies program, service to the department, campus and Geneva community, and academic achievement in their major coursework.

  • Alice Clements
  • Caroline Darcy
  • Mirabel Hickman

Elena Ciletti Endowed Prize

Established in honor of Professor Elena Ciletti in grateful recognition of her four decades of teaching and scholarship at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. The Ciletti Prize is awarded annually to a graduating HWS senior from Art History. Students will be selected by a faculty committee and will be judged on the quality of their academic work and departmental engagement.

  • Daphna Bendull
  • Hannah Bendull
  • Maialen Martinez

The Dr. Patricia Mathews Prize in Modern and Contemporary Art History

Established in 2019 by Stanley Mathews, this endowment fund was created in memory of Professor Patricia Mathews to provide an endowed prize in modern and contemporary art history. This prize will be awarded to the student who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in the field of modern and contemporary art history.

  • Mallory Burrall
  • Rachel Yackel

Mathews Family Endowed Fund for Architectural Studies

Established in 2017 by Stanley Mathews, Associate Professor of Art and Architecture at the Colleges from 2000-present, this is a permanent endowment fund created in memory of his parents Eunice Jones Mathews and James K. Mathews. This annual support shall be used to provide financial support for departmental expenditures such as equipment, supplies, travel or one or more student prizes. This award goes to a student for outstanding academic achievement in their first year.

  • Reece Wilson
  • Julyssa Winters

The Sutherland Prize in Classics

Awarded for excellence in the Classics.

  • Maxwell Dudukovich
  • Andrew Schraeder

The William Smith Prize in Classics

For excellence of academic work and for richness of appreciation in Greek, Latin, or classical studies by a William Smith student.

  • Emme Hauck

Eta Sigma Phi Honor Society in Classics

  • Andrew Broering
  • Madison Dicks
  • Sadye Ferguson
  • Quin Kenny
  • Cameron Miguel
  • Danielle Naimie
  • Taylor Shea
  • Mary Warner

The Janet Seeley Award in Dance

Established in honor of Janet Seeley, former dance instructor at William Smith from 1932 to 1971. Ms. Seeley served as coach of the Field Hockey team and Director of the Physical Education Department in addition to her years as a choreographer, instructor, and performer of dance. For outstanding achievement in dance, including performance, choreography, scholarship, and/or contributions to the Department of Dance.

  • Emma Ibbotson
  • Isabella Siddall

The William A. Howe II ’15 Award in Education

This endowed award, created by his son, William G. Howe, was established to honor his father for his service to the educational community as a teacher and administrator. Each year the award is given to a graduating senior who is pursuing graduate work in education. Selection each year is made by members of the Department of Education.

  • Alexandra Low
  • Alexis Racioppa

The Frances Nolting Temple Prize for Teaching

Frances Nolting Temple was a teacher who ever pushed beyond the limits of tradition and commonplace in order to find the best in young people and help them connect their gifts to the needs of this world. In her own words: “Here’s...the gamble, as I see it, and I realize that it is enormously pretentious; I’m gambling that there is something ineffable and fine in humans that can be touched and stirred by beauty, whether of story or color or music, and that if you think that by some luck you might have a shot at touching it, then you should try.” The Frances Nolting Temple Prize for Teaching will be awarded to a senior completing the Colleges’ education program leading to certification in teaching.

  • Brandi Taylor

The Cobb Prize in English and Comparative Literature

To the writers, in the senior or junior class, of the two best essays on some subject connected with English literature.

  • Jamal Spear
  • Tyler Yanko

The Claudette Kemper Columbus Prize

For the student who has shown exceptional and persuasive imagination in their critical and creative work.

  • Cole Cassano
  • Angelica Knudson
  • Fleur Lennox

The Kathryn Cook Prize in English and Comparative Literature

Established in honor of Kathryn Cook, Professor of English at the Colleges, 1942-1979. To a Hobart or William Smith student for excellence in English.

  • Bailey DiSanto

The Alice Brandt Deeds ’45 Prize

Excellence for creative writing.

  • Jillian Crocetta

The Charles H. Hurd Prize in English and Comparative Literature

Established in honor of Charles H. Hurd, Hobart 1872. To the Writer of the best poem or poems totaling not less than eighty lines.

  • Elim Pilet

The Chester J. Hampton Prize

  • Edith Falk

William Prall Prize in English and Comparative Literature

Established by the Rev. William Prall, Ph.D., D.D. who received an honorary degree (S.T.D.) from Hobart College in 1892. For the best essay upon the relation between the French and English literatures.

  • Stephen Ponticiello

The Susan Kranzler Scibilia ’68 Memorial Prize

To the William Smith senior who, in the opinion of faculty, has shown the most distinction and promise in the writing of fiction.

  • Mary Warner

Herbert Bayard Swope Prize in English and Comparative Literature

Established by Herbert B. Swope who received an honorary degree from the Colleges in 1924 and who received several Pulitzer Prizes and was a distinguished leader in world affairs. To the Hobart student who writes the best essay on a subject of general interest.

  • Steven D’Alterio

The Deborah Tall Prize in Poetry/Creative Nonfiction in English and Comparative Literature

To the student who, in the opinion of the English Department faculty, has shown the most distinction and promise in the writing of poetry or creative nonfiction. Deborah was a distinguished poet and nonfiction writer and a beloved teacher of writing & literature at HWS for 25 years. During that time she edited the Colleges’ national literary journal Seneca Review.

  • Tiana Fishler

The John E. (Ted) Thiesmeyer Prize in English and Comparative Literature

For excellence in English.

  • Christopher Costello

The Milton H. Turk Memorial Prize in English and Comparative Literature

Established in honor of Milton Haight Turk, Professor of English and Dean of Hobart, 1890-1938. To the member of the graduating class who has shown the greatest improvement in the use of clear, concise, correct, and convincing English, both oral and written; the award being based upon the recipient’s work in all departments.

  • Matthew Habersaat

The White Essay Prize in English and Comparative Literature

Established by Horace White, Former Trustee of Hobart College. To the writer of the best English essay in prose or verse.

  • Louis Newman

Excellence in French

To be awarded to graduating seniors.

  • Wren Andrews
  • Willa Dow
  • Cailin Gensler
  • Olivia Hofmann
  • Emma Ibbotson

First Year Prize in French

Awarded to the most promising French and Francophone Studies sophomores.

  • Bianca Jameau

Second Year Prize in French

Awarded to the most promising French and Francophone Studies majors.

  • Johanna Golden
  • Quin Kenny

Pi Delta Phi Honor Society in French

  • Wren Andrews
  • Willa Dow
  • Cailin Gensler
  • Gabriella Guevara
  • Olivia Hofmann
  • Emma Ibbotson

The Professor Norbert Busch Prize in German

Established in honor of Professor of Modern Languages Norbert A. Busch who taught German at the Colleges from 1968 to 1996. In recognition of excellence in the study of German language, literature, and culture; an appreciation for the importance of liberal arts education; and commitment to applying the lessons learned in the classroom to everyday life.

  • Liam Cranley

The John Rothrock Memorial Prize in History

Established in memory of Colonel John E. Rothrock USAF, Ret. ’64 by Mary Lu Greenwoord. The prize is awarded to either a Hobart or William Smith senior who, through their knowledge and understanding of history, exhibits the potential to creatively make a positive change in the future.

  • Walker Anderson

The Robert A. Huff Prize in History

Awarded in honor of Professor of History Emeritus Robert A. Huff to the senior history major who has the best academic record.

  • Daphna Bendull

The Marvin Bram Prize for Civic Mindedness in History

Awarded in honor of Professor of History Emeritus Marvin Bram to the senior history major who demonstrates the greatest civic mindedness through history.

  • David Ranney

The History Faculty Award

Presented to the first-year or sophomore student who has the best academic record in history.

  • Katherine Clayton

The John H. Ehrlich Prize in Judaic Studies

Established by John H. Ehrlich ’66. This prize is awarded to a Hobart and William Smith Colleges junior or senior who has demonstrated a commitment to Judaic Studies and who has exhibited the qualities of empathetic inquiry, personal integrity and outstanding achievement in that course of study.

  • Jillian Crocetta

The Latin American Studies Association Prize

Excellence in Latin American Studies.

  • Carling Landeche

The Marilyn Jimenez Media and Society Student Film Award

Professor Marilyn Jimenez was an integral member of the Colleges’ faculty from 1984-2020, teaching interdisciplinary courses that fused history, theory, and practice for the Media & Society and Africana Studies programs. This award goes to the Media & Society student who best exemplifies Marilyn’s generous, creative and adventurous spirit. The student who wins this award is, like Marilyn, innovative, dedicated and tireless. They have produced work that reflects Marilyn’s investment in inclusive perspectives, the artistic vision of inspiring filmmakers, and the transformative power of storytelling.

  • Juliana Bruno
  • Rosemary Colon-Martinez
  • Maxwell Harris
  • Linh Nguyen

The Friedman Outstanding Student Award in Media and Society

Lester Friedman was a dynamic member of the Media and Society Program from 2005-2017. A prolific writer and beloved teacher, Professor Friedman dedicated his career to expanding our critical awareness of American cinema and advocating for the study of media across disciplines. This award goes to the Media and Society students who best exemplify Professor Friedman’s engaging and insightful scholarship. The students who win this award have produced exceptional writing and therefore reflect Professor Friedman’s passion for the field and commitment to sharing ideas through thoughtful prose.

  • Noah Ball
  • Maxwell Dudukovich
  • Courtney Flynn
  • Julianna Frank
  • Kathleen Gearan
  • Taylor Williams

Lambda Pi Eta National Communications Honor Society

  • Jennifer Alogna
  • Noah Ball
  • Amanda Baum
  • Casey Burdy
  • Bridget Daugherty-Costa
  • Gianna DeVita
  • Maxwell Dudukovich
  • Courtney Flynn
  • Julianna Frank
  • Kathleen Gearan
  • Maxwell Harris
  • Delaney Hoodak
  • Matthew Kellett
  • Rachel Meller
  • Louis Newman
  • Linh Nguyen
  • Callie Noonan
  • Lexi Nottke
  • Taylor Williams

The Nick Cusimano Memorial Award in Music

Awarded for excellence in music.

  • David Feller

The Robert M. Steele ’60 Music Award

Awarded for excellence in instrumental music.

  • Orson Sproule

The Professor Joseph M. Berta Prize in Music

The recipient will exemplify commitment to the Colleges, music and community.

  • Abigail Hearty

The Foster P. Boswell Philosophy Award

Established in memory of Foster P. Boswell, Hobart 1901, and Professor of Philosophy 1903-1947. This award is given for general excellence in philosophy.

  • Lexi Colella
  • Jackson Lesure
  • Gianella Marciniak
  • Julia Walters

The Nathan Lapham Prize in Public Speaking in Philosophy

To the student in either College adjudged to be outstanding in public speaking and debate.

  • Muhammad Sarim Karim

The Heaton/Franks Prize in Religious Studies

This award is to students who have shown evidence, by the time of their junior year, of the capacity for empathetic and rigorous study of the varieties of religious experience and contribution to the Religious Studies Department.

  • Alyssa Capuano
  • Katherine Mandarano

The Saiving/Heaton Prize in Religious Studies

For outstanding work in religious studies.

  • Sydney Hummel
  • Robert Russell

The E.E. Griffith Prize in Theatre

Established in memory of Professor E. E. Griffith who taught English and Drama at the Colleges from 1946 to 1979. To be given to the students who have contributed to the Bartlett Theatre as an undergraduate.

  • Gianna DeVita
  • Kels Veeder

The Ann Palmeri Prize in Women’s Studies

The award is given to a William Smith senior who exemplifies the qualities and concerns of Ann Palmeri, that is: a concern for the link between philosophical theory and practical political action; a quality of quiet courage; a capacity for outrage; a thorough, scholarly attempt to grapple with the philosophical issues around the liberation of women; a focus on children and policies dealing with them; and a gift for friendship and community.

  • Oliva Rowland

The Toni Flores Prize in Women’s Studies

This award is given to the student who reflects Toni Flores’ unselfish spirit of caring and ability to teach us to live fully in the blazing world.

  • Andrea Delgado
  • Lucy Denton

The First Year Writing Prize in Writing and Rhetoric

Sponsored by the Writing Colleague and Writing Fellow Programs, this award celebrates outstanding writing in First-Year Seminars. Recipients of this award must be nominated by their first-year seminar professor, revise their essays for submission for the prize, and be selected by a jury of faculty from across the Colleges.

  • Umama Ahmed
  • Kayla Powers


Excellence in Anthropology Prize

For demonstrating consistently superior academic achievement throughout the anthropology major curriculum. The recipient is elected by anthropology faculty for excellence in all phases of the course of study, including comprehension of theories and methods, effective expression in writing and other media, and engagement of our discipline in the current issues and problems confronting humanity.

  • Emma Falkenstein
  • Nicholas Stone
  • Taryn Wenberg

The Lauren Bessette ’86 Memorial Prize in Economics

Established in honor of Lauren by her friends and family. This annual academic award is given to an outstanding William Smith student in economics. The recipient will have demonstrated the academic ability and personal promise that Lauren exemplified.

  • Lindsay Fleischer

The Blair C. Currie Prize in Economics

To the Hobart senior and William Smith senior who has achieved the highest grade point average in their Economics major. The prize has been endowed by family, faculty, students, and friends of Professor Blair C. Currie, who served students at the Colleges for 27 years from 1963 to 1989. Professor Currie dedicated his academic life to the teaching of economics and environmental studies and to increased opportunities for students to attain the highest standard of academic achievement.

  • Julian Boland
  • Margaret Wagner

Omicron Delta Epsilon International Honor Society in Economics

  • James Adams ’21
  • Josseph Ansaldo ’21
  • Caleigh Bennett ’21
  • Julian Boland ’21
  • Kaleb Boyl ’21
  • Christopher Bracco ’21
  • Darius Brummell ’21 *
  • Kaloyan Byanov ’21
  • Marie Carrau ’21 *
  • Alexandra Deku ’21
  • Michael DeVaney ’21
  • Ryan Dickson ’21
  • Albright Dwarka ’21 *
  • Lindsay Fleischer ’21 *
  • Isabelle Foisy ’22
  • Christopher Guertler ’21
  • Kyle Hackett ’21 *
  • Joseph Halstrom ’22
  • Julianna Kennedy ’21 *
  • Flora Kepes ’21
  • Kevin Kruszewski ’21
  • Grace Larson ’21 *
  • Bridget Lawless ’21
  • Parkman Levis ’21 *
  • Samantha Mancini ’22
  • Moritz Marchart ’21
  • Gianella Marciniak ’21
  • Pierre-Anthony Martineau ’22
  • Daniel Masino ’21 *
  • Ethan Massat ’21 *
  • Nicholas McCarthy ’21
  • Katelyn Nguyen ’21
  • Olivia Parisi ’22
  • Molly Powers ’21
  • Julia Ricciarelli ’21
  • Michael Rossiter ’21
  • Sofia Schuller ’22
  • Thomas Schultz ’21
  • Okla Smith II ’22
  • Colin Smith ’21
  • Harrison Spencer ’21
  • Mitchell Spring ’21
  • Julia Stockwin ’22
  • Eric Strait ’22
  • Robert Tasker ’21 *
  • Katherine Vangaever ’21*
  • Jacob Vickers ’21
  • Gretchen Vietor ’22
  • Margaret Wagner ’21 *
  • Kimberly Waldek ’22
  • Jiaqi Wang ’22
  • Olivia Weiler ’21

Students were inducted as Juniors

The Entrepreneurial Studies Award

Given annually to a student(s) whose performance and pursuits most embodies the theory and practice of Entrepreneurial Studies – demonstrating well-rounded leadership, acting as thoughtful risk takers, and becoming resourceful innovators who explore, hone, and blend their analytical and critical thinking skills of a liberal arts education with action to identify new opportunities and launch new ventures.

  • Maxwell Harris
  • Meghan McKenna

The Professor Kenneth R. Carle Prize in Environmental Studies

Established in 1993 to honor Professor Emeritus Kenneth R. Carle’s 33 years of teaching at the Colleges and awarded to the most outstanding graduating senior majoring in Environmental Science.

  • Isabella Pardales

The Environmental Studies Faculty Prize

For outstanding work in Environmental Studies.

  • Lucy Denton
  • Kathryn Dranichak
  • Emily O’Bryan

The George M. Ashmun ’41 Memorial Prize in Environmental Studies

Established in honor of Captain George M. Ashmun ’41, a U.S. Marine Corps aviator, who lost his life in aerial combat in 1944, while serving as a fighter pilot in the South-West Pacific during World War II. While a student at Hobart College he was described as “highly respected by his fellow classmates because of his habits, character, courtesy, and utter lack of selfishness.” Awarded annually to a Hobart senior who has excelled in pre-medical or environmental studies and whose academic work best reflects a commitment to helping others and a respect for the world in which we live and its people.

  • Alec Robitaille

The Faculty Prize in Political Science

To the graduating senior Political Science major who has distinguished themselves in service and commitment to political science.

  • Tolulope Arasanyin

The Paul F. Colarulli ’72 Endowed Prize in Political Science

Established in March 2018 by the family of Paul F. Colarulli ’72, this is a permanent endowment fund created in memory of Paul F. Colarulli ’72 to provide an endowed prize to a student majoring in political science. Preference will be given to the student who submits the best political science seminar paper in the Law and Society course.

  • Tolulope Arasanyin

The Maynard Smith Prize in Political Science

Established in honor of Professor Maynard O. Smith who taught at the Colleges from 1950-1990. This prize goes to the outstanding William Smith and Hobart political science majors.

  • Vanessa Bonanno
  • David Ranney

Pi Sigma Alpha National Honor Society in Political Science

  • Tolulope Arasanyin
  • Clifford Blanchard
  • Vanessa Bonanno
  • Taylor Crosby
  • Willa Dow
  • Shannon Drew
  • Edith Falk
  • Alice Hollocher
  • Sydney Hummel
  • Kevin Kruszewski
  • Katherine Mandarano
  • Nicholas McCarthy
  • Morgan Nelis
  • Alexis Racioppa
  • David Ranney
  • Emily Rich
  • Megan Rooney
  • Robert Russell
  • Sheila Uria

James Mickel Williams Prize in Social Science

Established in memory of Professor Williams who taught Sociology at the Colleges from 1903 to 1939. To the member of the junior class of William Smith College and to the member of the junior class of Hobart College who has compiled the highest grade point average in social science course work through the winter of their junior year, and who has taken at least two social science courses outside of their major department.

  • Hope Snyder
  • Jacob Vickers

The Irving Lewis Horowitz Prize in Sociology

To the junior at either Hobart or William Smith College who is majoring in sociology and plans to go to graduate school.

  • Elana Rose

The Professor Larry Young Prize in Sociology

Established in honor of Professor of Sociology Larry Young who taught at the Colleges from 1964 to 1992. To the sociology major or combined anthropology/sociology major who has contributed the most to intercultural communication.

  • Robert Padilla

(• = award/prize recipient)


The Biology Faculty Prize

Awarded to the Biology major who has demonstrated the greatest intellectual growth while at the Colleges.

  • Alicia Dumont

Biology Leadership Award

Awarded to the student who has demonstrated leadership and commitment to the department during their four years at the Colleges.

  • Amelia Smith

The Research Award in Biology

Awarded to the student who conducted superior research in the department.

  • Meg Quint

Outstanding Biology Student Prize

Awarded to the student who has shown outstanding accomplishments in several areas of biology including coursework, research, and contributions to the department.

  • Connor Parrow

The Analytical Chemistry Prize

Awarded to a junior who has displayed interest in and aptitude for a career in analytical chemistry.

  • Christina Mitrow

The Carl Aten Physical Chemistry Prize

To recognize an outstanding student in physical chemistry.

  • Meg Quint

The Ralph Hadley Bullard Prize in Chemistry

Established in memory of Ralph H. Bullard, Professor of Chemistry 1922-1961. For excellence in chemistry.

  • Madison Filkorn
  • Zhenyu Lin
  • Bartolomeo Voto

The Chemical Rubber Company First-Year Chemistry Achievement Award

To an outstanding first-year chemistry student.

  • Marlayna DiFante
  • Alexandra Davidson

The Chemistry Achievement Award of the Rochester Section of the American Chemical Society

To honor a senior chemistry major who has an outstanding academic record and has actively participated in research.

  • Zhenyu Lin

The Rocco L. Fiaschetti ’40 Prize in Chemistry

Awarded to a graduating senior for outstanding achievement in chemistry academically and through active involvement in research.

  • Sarah Lewicki
  • Alec Robitaille

The Hill/Franks Prize in Chemistry

Established by Dr. Edward Franks in honor of Professor John Hill to recognize students who through their first three years at HWS have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership, and wide-ranging interests and abilities within the Chemistry Department.

  • Ashton Ariola
  • Colleen Boucher

The Professor Pim Larsson Kovach Achievement Award

This award was stablished by a former faculty member, Ms. Pim Larsson Kovach, who taught at the Colleges from 1982 to 1986. It is awarded each year to a junior or senior who has shown achievement in academic work and exhibited newfound enthusiasm for science. This award honors their accomplishments and success in Chemistry.

  • Blake Evans

The Donald L. Woodrow Prize in Geoscience

This award recognizes a graduating geoscience student in each College whose academic career, research, and contributions to this community embody the values of scholarship and magnanimous humanity that are recognized as hallmarks of Professor Woodrow’s time at the Colleges.

  • Bethany Kharrazi
  • Gabrielle Linscott

The Robert L. Beinert Memorial Prize in Mathematics

Established in memory of Robert Lewis Beinert, Hobart 1942 and Professor of Mathematics 1948-1963. For excellence in mathematics, to be awarded to a senior.

  • Connor Parrow

Irving Bentsen Prize in Mathematics/Computer Science

To the Hobart sophomore with the best record in mathematics and/or computer science.

  • Kidus Asmare Ayele
  • Andrew Barsky

The John S. Klein Prize in Computer Science

To be awarded to a senior for excellence in computer science. Established with gifts from alumni and alumnae in honor of John Klein, Professor of Mathematics from 1964 to 1988, at the time of his retirement.

  • Albright Dwarka
  • Mitchell Spring

The Glenn M. Lee Prize in Mathematics

To be awarded annually to the Hobart senior deemed to have been most proficient in the areas of mathematics and athletics during the first three years of college.

  • Garrett McGowan

The Abigail Mosey Prize in Mathematics

Established in honor of Abigail Mosey, Professor of Mathematics from 1944 to 1991. For generosity in assisting others to learn and appreciate mathematical ideas.

  • Alexandra Low
  • Connor Parrow

The William Ross Proctor Prize in Mathematics

Established by Mr. William Ross Proctor in 1918 for the purpose of stimulating excellence in mathematics. This prize is awarded to the student who held the highest rank in Mathematics during their first two years, such award to be subject to the approval of the President and the Dean.

  • Aarushi Agarwal
  • Grace Bott

The Catharine Adele Rippey ’35 Prize in Mathematics

Established by Joseph S. Rippey in memory of his sister, Catharine Adele Rippey ’35, to a William Smith graduating senior for excellence in mathematics and computer science.

  • Alexandra Low

The Outstanding Major Prize in Physics

To the outstanding senior physics major.

  • Andrew Schrader

First Year Students Prize in Physics

Awarded for exemplary performance in introductory physics by a first-year student.

  • Julia Cowie
  • William Foox

The Stephanie Christie ’82 Memorial Award in Psychology

An award to acknowledge a graduating Hobart or William Smith student who has shown evidence of a commitment to helping people with special needs.

  • Olivia King

The Dr. Stephen L. Cohen ’67 Prize in Psychology

Awarded by Stephen L. Cohen (H’67) to the graduating psychology major who has shown special aptitude and continued interest in applying psychological knowledge in the pursuit of graduate education or in employment that makes use of the principles of psychology.

  • Travis Schneider

The Psychology Book Prize

Awarded annually to a select group of graduating seniors who have demonstrated excellence in the psychology major through a combination of course work, scholarship and service.

  • Walker Anderson
  • Rachel Antenucci
  • Emilia Brush
  • Marlendy Elysee
  • Claire Joshi
  • Emma Kelly
  • Jennifer Yuodsnukis

The Professor Jeffrey M. Greenspon Memorial Award in Psychology

Awarded to a graduating student who has shown high achievement and a strong interest in neuroscience and/or biopsychology.

  • Emma Hardee

Psi Chi National Honor Society in Psychology

  • Rachel Antenucci ’21
  • Heidi Aversa ’22
  • Emma Bilton ’22
  • Emma Bouman ’22
  • Alexandra Brind ’22
  • Lauren Chupp ’22
  • Madison Hasbrouck ’22
  • Madison Henry ’23
  • Meredith Kehoe ’22
  • Grace Larson ’21
  • Nicole Miller ’22
  • Molly Moore ’22
  • Hope Snyder ’22
  • Laurel Soulier ’22
  • Haley Stakutis ’22
  • Isabel Urquiza ’22
  • Rachel Yackel ’21
  • Tyler Yanko ’21
  • Runzhong Zhang ’21


Dr. Arnold Cohen Phi Beta Kappa Book Prize

Given by Phi Beta Kappa to the Hobart sophomore student who had the highest grade point average at the end of their first full year.

  • Ian Albreski

Phi Beta Kappa Book Prize

Awarded to the William Smith sophomore student who had the highest grade point average at the end of their first full year.

  • Alexandra Dwyer

The Blackwell Award in Pre Med

Established in memory of Elizabeth Blackwell who graduated in 1849 from the Medical Institution of Geneva College, now Hobart College, the first woman doctor to graduate from an American college. Given to a William Smith senior or junior premedical student.

  • Julia Natoli

The Dr. Mary Calderone Award in Pre Med

Established in honor of Mary Calderone, M.D., 1977 winner of the Elizabeth Blackwell Award for her work in establishing the first ever Hospice for the terminally ill. To be given to the student who shows the greatest promise for a career in medicine or medical sociology that would be compatible with the kinds of interests Dr. Calderone’s own career has manifested.

  • Meg Quint

The Gordon L. Richardson ’33 Prize in Pre Med

To a Hobart junior (rising senior) who is in the pre-med program. Criteria include academic excellence and service to humankind.

  • Joshua Marek

The Eaton-Cross Prize (Biology/Chemistry/Physics/Math/Computer Science, Psychology, Geoscience)

Established in Memory of Elon Eaton, Professor of Biology 1908-1934 and Edward Cross, Professor of Chemistry 1921-1950. To a member of the junior class who is concentrating in biology and/or chemistry.

  • Hunter Savignano
  • Charles Widing

First Year Academic Achievement Award

A gift from the Hobart Student Government and William Smith Congress for academic excellence in the first year of study. This award is to be given to all students who received a 4.00 GPA or higher in their first semester of Hobart and William Smith Colleges’ first-year class. Each recipient will be given a monetary award for their academic excellence.

  • Ashley Aronson
  • Christina Ashenden
  • Isabella Babikian
  • Madeleine Bamberger
  • Angelina Belcer
  • Matthew Brand
  • Matthew Brown
  • Samari Brown
  • Eiler Byberi
  • Julia Cowie
  • Riley Craft
  • Alexandra Davidson
  • Lillian Davis
  • Marlayna DiFante
  • Malak Fadlou-Allah
  • Tiffany Foster
  • Joseph Jaynes
  • Emily Johnson
  • Kennedy Jones
  • Claire Kapitan
  • Elinor Kennedy
  • Heather Kerns
  • Hana Kim
  • Katherine Mahoney
  • Madeleine Meyer
  • Jackson Mischler
  • Sean Pesin
  • Dmytro Piskun
  • Eloise Porter
  • Kayla Powers
  • Elisa Ribordy
  • Ande Richardson
  • Tayla Tanguay-Rossi
  • Tanner Tattan
  • Alaina Tremblay
  • Emma VanGorder
  • Katelyn Weeks
  • Jesse Whelan-Small
  • Britta Wilkerson
  • Alexander Wilmot

The Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Award

This award is given to students of color in the graduating class who have exemplified in an outstanding manner during their college career, the concern for others, commitment to improving human relationships, leadership in intercultural affairs, and dedication to intellectual excellence which characterized the life and ministry of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Faith Hicks
  • Yalemwork Teferra

Dr. Barbara Johnston ’43 Endowed Science Award

Awarded to William Smith students in the physical sciences program.

  • Julia Natoli
  • Kelsey Williams

The Sydney and Alice Jackson Prize

Awarded to a student who contributes significantly to the health and well-being of the Colleges. The prize is awarded in honor of two remarkable people whose lives and work have been devoted to helping others.

  • Alyssa Capuano

Dobro Slovo

The National Honor Society in Russian.

  • Autumn Bierce

Post-Secondary Russian Scholar Laureate Award

Organized under the auspices of the American Council of Teachers of Russian (ACTR), the PSRSLA seeks to provide National Recognition for outstanding junior and senior university-level students – those students who best embody an enthusiasm for the love of things Russian.

  • Autumn Bierce

The Katherine Gracey Merrill ’14 Award in Fine Arts

Established by a bequest from Katherine Gracey Merrill. To a William Smith senior for academic excellence in the fine arts.

  • Juliana Bruno

President’s Civic Leadership Awards

  • Amanda Baum
  • Nicole Bendicksen
  • Isaiah Boone
  • Aniyah Borges
  • Christopher Bracco
  • Emilia Brush
  • Kevin Cervantes
  • Alice Clements
  • Bailey DiSanto
  • Shannon Drew
  • Edith Falk
  • Emily Finnegan
  • Mackenzie Frary
  • Emma Hardee
  • Jessica Hariprasad
  • Maxwell Harris
  • Joshua Hylkema
  • Emma Ibbotson
  • Claire Joshi
  • Emma Kelly
  • Alexandria Knipper
  • Sarah Laferrera
  • Carling Landeche
  • Lindsay Lesniak
  • Ethan Massat
  • Morgan Nelis
  • Samantha Nelson
  • Connor Parrow
  • Audrey Platt
  • Julia Ricciarelli
  • Sophia Shaw
  • Isabella Siddall
  • Amelia Smith
  • Jamal Spear
  • Calvin Sullivan
  • Olivia Torres-Fields
  • Alyssa Travers
  • Colin Urie
  • Olivia Weiler
  • Olivia Williams

Phi Beta Kappa Inductees


  • Juniper Asara-Niederlitz
  • Ani Freedman
  • Mary Hanrahan
  • Robin Kirchgessner
  • William Lyons
  • Madeleine Mood
  • Justine Pearson
  • Madison Riccardi
  • Sofia Schuller
  • Hope Snyder
  • Julia Stockwin
  • Taylor Wilkie


  • Sarah Berman
  • Clifford Blanchard
  • Alyssa Capuano
  • Caroline Darcy
  • Edith Falk
  • Emily Finnegan
  • Courtney Flynn
  • Maxwell Harris
  • Emma Kelly
  • Olivia King
  • Sarah Laferrera
  • Jackson Lesure
  • Parkman Levis
  • Kayla Liszewski
  • Alexandra Low
  • Maialen Martinez
  • Daniel Masino
  • Garrett McGowan
  • Linh Nguyen
  • Emily O’Bryan
  • Isabella Pardales
  • Connor Parrow
  • Russell Payne
  • Meg Quint
  • Alexis Racioppa
  • Travis Schneider
  • Carly Shiever
  • Nicholas Stone
  • Bartolomeo Voto
  • Margaret Wagner
  • Julia Walters
  • Rachel Yackel

The John Milton Potter Prize in Humanities

Established to honor John M. Potter, President of the Colleges from 1942 to 1947. Awarded to the member of the sophomore class who, during their first two years in college, has achieved the most distinguished academic record in the Division of the Humanities, the award being based on their accomplishment in courses and their future promise as a scholar and writer.

  • Elizabeth Diffley

The Sutherland Prize in Natural Sciences

Awarded for excellence in the Natural Sciences.

  • Albright Dwarka
  • Jack Polentes
  • Bartolomeo Voto

The Milton Haight Turk Memorial Prize for Scholarship in the Humanities

Established in honor of Milton Haight Turk, Professor of English and Dean of Hobart, 1890-1938. To that member of the graduating class who has shown in college the greatest improvement in the use of clear, concise, correct, and convincing English, both oral and written; the award being based upon the recipient’s work in all departments.

  • John Lloyd

The Elizabeth and Ruth Young Peace Prize

Offered each year to students who have made an important contribution to the cause of peace as envisioned in the Fund’s first objective. It is intended that contributions of many different kinds be considered suitable for consideration for this prize.

  • Saima Mashori
  • Charlotte Peterson

The Provost’s Academic Award

Awarded to the sophomore with the highest cumulative grade point average.

  • Madison Riccardi

The Technos International Prize

The Technos International Prizes are awarded on behalf of the Tanaka Ikueikai Educational Trust to a Hobart College senior and a William Smith College senior to celebrate their outstanding academic performance and commitment to the relationship between the Colleges’, the Tanaka Trust and Technos College of Japan.

  • Carly Shiever
  • Adam Tusin

William Smith College

Alma Mater

When the lake in silver morning
brightly gleams all blue and clear,
When the sunshine floods the hillsides,
shedding glory far and near,
Glad are we that we are with thee,
Alma Mater, ever dear.
When a-stealing o’er the campus,
soft the dreaming noondays fall,
And from out the pine trees’ shadow
wings a bird with lilting call,
Then in pride and joy we praise thee,
Alma Mater, loved of all.
When the sun behind the hilltops,
radiant sinks at close of day,
And the breeze that stirred the pine trees,
softly sighing, dies away,
Then our hearts to thee are turning,
Alma Mater, loved for aye.


Oh William Smith, to thee we sing
in heartfelt loyalty,
For all the days that we shall live,
we pledge our love to thee.

Hobart College

Alma Mater

Evermore thy sons shall be,
Hip Hobart, my Hip Hobart,
Champions bold of liberty,
Hip Hobart, my Hip Hobart;
Ever shall thy champions prove,
filled with brave unchanging love,
Lifting souls to heights above,
Hip Hobart, my Hip Hobart.
Evermore thy fame shall last,
Hip Hobart, my Hip Hobart,
Glorious still as in the past,
Hip Hobart, my Hip Hobart;
With a faith and courage strong,
battling ever ’gainst the wrong,
Honors great to thee belong,
Hip Hobart, my Hip Hobart.


Raise the orange and purple high,
Let us shame them never,
Shout the triumph to the sky,
“Hip Hobart, forever!”