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Bodenlos Named Behavioral Medicine Fellow

Associate Professor of Psychology Jamie S. Bodenlos has been elected to the Fellowship in the Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the advancement of the science and practice of behavioral medicine. The SBM honor is awarded based on academic, professional, clinical, legislative or other meritorious accomplishments. For her scholarship in the areas of civic leadership, op-ed writing, and science communication and advocacy, Bodenlos’ work has recently appeared in several publications and she will be presenting her research this spring.

At the 2018 annual meeting of the SBM in New Orleans in April, Bodenlos will present on civic leadership during a panel discussion, titled “Leveraging the media to impact public health,” and at a roundtable talk, called “The steps to becoming a promoter of your discipline.”

The American Psychology Association (APA) recently featured Bodenlos in its journal, Monitor on Psychology, in which she shares insight on “How to Write an Op-Ed.”  The piece is the latest resource for scholars and psychologists interested in shedding light on issues outside of the usual academic communities.

At the end of March, Bodenlos will co-lead a webinar on op-ed writing with SBM’s President-Elect Sherry Pagoto, a professor of medicine and co-founder of the UMass Center for mHealth and Social Media. Bodenlos recently gave a talk on op-ed writing to graduate students and post-doctoral students from SBM and she included op-ed writing in her course, “Topics: Clinical Psychology,” during the fall semester.

The APA journal article follows Bodenlos’ guest essay in Rochester’s Democrat and Chronicle, where she discussed using mindfulness to combat holiday stress. “Mindfulness is a term used to describe being present, on-purpose, and in the moment,” she writes. “When you consider the suffering that humans experience, a lot of it is the result of our thoughts and over-thinking.”

Bodenlos also had an op-ed featured on in which she discussed last year’s local March for Science, where she served as one of the event’s speakers. “The profound impact that science has made on our way of life is rarely considered, but it is undeniable,” she wrote. “My hope is that the March for Science will mark the beginning of a new era where the public realizes this impact, and the work of researchers becomes more accessible (and digestible) to everyone.”

In addition in February, Bodenlos attended seminars hosted by The Op Ed Project, a social venture founded to help integrate the voices of leading experts into public conversations.

An expert on the ties between psychological conditions and weight gain or loss, Bodenlos has been a member of the HWS faculty since 2009. Bodenlos earned her Ph.D. from Louisiana State University, her M.A. from Western Carolina University and her bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.