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Brauchitsch ’18 Interns with Spoon

Monika von Brauchitsch ’18 recently worked as an editorial intern for the corporate office of Spoon University, a media company that gives college students the opportunity to write about various food trends happening in their communities.

During her summer internship, von Brauchitsch was responsible for producing two to five articles per week for Spoon University’s website. In addition, she did copyediting and WordPress management as well as attended online meetings for brainstorming and content development. She says the experience allowed her to explore her passion for writing.

“The Spoon University fulltime staff was supportive and helpful with every question and used every article I worked on as a learning opportunity,” says von Brauchitsch, who is currently the marketing director for Spoon University’s HWS chapter. “They were always looking for ways to offer more advice and further my work.”

As a writing and rhetoric and media and society double major and a Spanish language and history minor, von Brauchitsch says her academic work was useful in crafting social media rollout and campaign writing assignments.

“Writing and rhetoric provided me with knowledge on how to write and with information on the interests of college students. Media and society helped with the digital aspect of the internship,” she says.

On campus, von Brauchitsch works for the Center for Global Education as a programming assistant and for the Intercultural Affairs office as a blog intern.