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Connors ’03 Publishes Book

In his upcoming book The Value of You, Christopher Connors ’03 shares his insight as a career coach and business professional to readers looking for guidance in the face of challenges and success.

“This book is a journey in personal discovery through the framework of values. It came from my belief and experience, which taught me that the surest way to achieve a rock-solid foundation in life is to build one on core values,” says Connors, whose self-published work is now available on Amazon, his website and at the College Store.

The Value of You speaks to a key realization Connors had during the early years of his professional career in his first management consulting job at Booz Allen Hamilton. “I remember thinking about how we were assessed and how pay increases and promotions were tied to our adherence to the firm’s core values,” says Connors, who has appeared on Sirius XM to discuss his work. “I realized that so much of what I love about being a business professional is helping mentor and coach younger employees, and helping them move forward from where they are to where they want to be.”

While at the Colleges, Connors majored in political science and was the sports director of WEOS for two years. His writing has appeared on Huffington Post and CNBC. “I’ve always been drawn to emotional intelligence and what makes people tick, so it made sense that I became interested in career coaching work solutions,” says Connors, who is also a senior delivery manager for benefits technology company BenefitFocus. “At my core, my biggest passion is helping other people to develop the game plan, both personally and professionally, for their lives.”