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Internships are an excellent way to complement your academic studies with practical, hands-on, workplace experience in an area of interest to you. You can do more than one credit bearing internship program during your tenure at Hobart and William Smith.

INT 199: Credit-Bearing Internship

As approved by the Committee on Academic Affairs (2009), the INT 199 credit-bearing internship course registration allows students to receive .5 course credits for an approved internship. Internships must include a minimum of 120 on-site contact hours, and students must keep a journal of their experience for submission to their faculty adviser. A maximum of two INT 199 internships may count toward graduation requirements. Students should meet with their faculty adviser to discuss the internship, and secure signatures of approval. An evaluation from the site supervisor should be sent to the adviser, after the internship is completed.
Registration Approval Form (PDF)

GCIP 401: Geneva Collaborative Internship Program (CIP)

The Collaborative Internship Program (CIP) operates on a semester basis. Contact Career Services for application deadlines. You must be a second semester sophomore, junior or senior with a 2.7+ GPA. An application is required for admission to the program. The application can be downloaded online or picked up at the Salisbury Center for Career Services on the first floor of Trinity Hall. Factors taken into consideration for admission include relevant course work, faculty recommendations, a resume and a personal statement of interest. Interns must work 15-20 hours per week throughout the semester.
Agreement Form Faculty Sponsor and Academic Adviser (PDF)

EQIV 455: Course Equivalents and Summer Internship

Course equivalents are “imaginative alternative programs that substitute other forms of academic activity for one or more courses.” These projects need the approval of both a faculty adviser and the Committee on Standards. Course equivalents are listed on student transcripts but are not graded; they are taken as credit/no credit. If interested, you must see your dean for an application. Note that all applications for summer must be received before the end of the spring term for consideration. Speak to your dean about specific spring deadlines.
Course Equivalents Application for William Smith Students (PDF)
Course Equivalents Application for Hobart Students (PDF)

XXX 399/499: Departmental Internships

399s and 499s are credit-bearing internships whose program parameters are defined by each department’s chair. Please note that not every department offers a 399/499 course. If your major or minor does offer one, you must check with a faculty member within that department to find out specific program requirements as they vary among departments. You will need a faculty member within your department to sponsor your internship.

XXX 450: Independent Study

An internship may be coordinated by a faculty adviser as an independent study. The faculty adviser, student, and organization define a mutually beneficial project and determine the number of hours per week or semester the student will work on-site and what products (report, journal, maps, charts, slides, brochures, creative piece, etc.) the student will produce during the internship. If interested in an Independent Study, you should talk to a faculty member within your department as you will need a faculty sponsor for this program.

Off-Campus Study

A number of the off-campus study programs, both in the U.S. and abroad, have internship possibilities as part of their course offerings. If you are interested in an internship experience as part of an off-campus study program, ask the Center for Global Education and your faculty adviser if an internship might be possible.


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