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The HWS Update

For students interested in non-profit and government work, Spring Break 2009 included in-depth visits to three of the leading firms in those fields. In New York City, a group of career-minded students met up with Career Services’ Brandi Ferrara and Associate Professor Jo Beth Mertens for  Non-Profit and Government Day. “At HWS, there are many

After graduating from HWS in 1996, Michael Mills has been climbing his way up booklists and corporate ladders. On the path to writing his new book, “Battling Democracy’s Decline,” Mills has worked his way up to an executive position at Wal-Mart and started his own business. Mills’ book examines the history of American civic participation

After graduation, Martha Pigott ’06 left campus to help save the world. With her Peace Corps application in place, Pigott was recruited for a program in Malawi, Africa that left in May 2007. When she arrived, Pigott found her post at a health center in a rural African village 15 km. from a tarmac road

Colette Watts Quaglia ’99 on Exhibition at Houghton House Gallery “…An ongoing investigation in…[understanding] the first stages of development of the human embryo….[focusing] on the first seven days after fertilization, during the time of rapid cell division and generation.” This is the concept behind Colette Watts Quaglia’s ’99 exhibit, “The Morphology Series.” The exhibit, on

Reinaldo Llano ’99 learned firsthand the importance of the support children receive in afterschool programs. For the past four years, the Hobart graduate has put his efforts into expanding the availability of, and the means for, such programs.  After working for 10 years at Time Warner, Llano left to become the director of corporate community

Associate Professor of Geoscience Nan Arens believes that her theory about Earth’s worst mass extinctions may help settle decades of scientific debate. While major cataclysms, such as meteor impacts or dramatic climate change, are often the focus of research related to extinction, these may be the exception rather than the rule. Mass extinctions aren’t simple

Hyeok Kim ’98 is featured in the November 28 issue of Northwest Asian Weekly as the Northwest Asian Weekly Foundation prepares to honor her this month as a “Top Contributor to the Asian Community.” Kim was recently named the Interim Community Development Association’s (ICDA) executive director. Of the recent appointment, the article quotes Kim as

On April 19, Jesse A. Saperstein ’04 was honored with a humanitarian award for his contributions toward fighting pediatric AIDS as well as an Appalachain Trail hike he organized for the same cause. “The hike is a testament towards Hobart and William Smith Colleges’ emphasis on public service,” Saperstein said. Saperstein was honored by the

Geneva Middle School transformed into a fun house on April 25, complete with music, games, face painting and karaoke. And right in the thick of the excitement were 14 HWS student volunteers, all members of Assistant Professor of Psychology Julie Kingery’s Adolescent Psychology course. Organized by middle school Spanish teacher and William Smith alumna Emily